Lily De Rose


Are You Ready to Plan Your Future Goals with Certainty? Do You Want Real Actionable Answers and Guidance about Magick? Perhaps You Want to use a Natal Chart Reading to Find Direction and True Purpose in Life? Or is it the Power of the Tarot Cards You Seek to Get Answers to Your Career Goals, Relationships, Money, Love, and More?


All sessions with Lily are custom to your specific needs and may include Tarot Readings, Astrocast Divination, Future Cast, and Divination. Your session also includes a Zoom recording or summary.

Lily de Rose is a witch, sage, mystic, and writer. Lily has been doing intuitive tarot to gain a more in-depth insight into the future for many years and wishes to help her clients with the same awakening. She is a Dark Goddess, Sensualist, Magickal Writer, and Sex Magickian who practices light and shadow work, among many other magick forms. Lily De Rose has a deep passion for astrology, tarot, and oracle cards. Lily has a unique insight into readings on both practical and spiritual aspects. Let Lily De Rose connect with your Magickal side to awaken a new approach to the divine science of divination. Expect grounded answers and emotional care to be dominant in your readings.


A 90-minute session is recommended for your first-time visit. It allows me to integrate deeply and focus divination and energy work on your specific needs. A 60-minute session can be more beneficial to build on the understanding and direction we gained from the first visit. 


Booking your service will allow Lily to contact you and create a custom experience for your specific needs.