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Lite Up Some Magick with Candle Magick

Candle magic combines fire with spell casting, and candles are the easiest way to create a ritual without much effort and preparation. Candle magick is one of the most prevalent and common practices of modern witchcraft. Even those who are novices at anything to do with witchcraft understand the power of candle and color magic. Even the most experienced, which is still do not know everything there is to know about candle magic. Candle magick could be as easy as thinking an intention and then lighting a candle with a color that correlates with that spell casting.

Before any spell work happens, you must dress the candle, forming a psychic link between the caster and the candle. Dressing the candle involves rubbing the candle with essential oils mixed with any standard carrier oil like coconut, almond, or jojoba. A witch does candle dressing by rubbing the oil onto the candle from top to bottom to bring energy to you or from bottom to top to send energy away. It’s good to say the incantation during this practice because it gets the candle ready to transmute the spell. The dressing and rubbing oil should be done for a reasonable amount of time so that the candle gets all the magickal energy from the caster.

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The best way to burn a candle for the magick spell and while doing candle magic is to set aside 15 and 30 minutes where you will not be disturbed or distracted by anything. Then cleansing your space with Palo Santo or Sage will get the area ready for magick. Meditate or center your breathing so you can create a suitable magical environment. Casting a circle is a more advanced way to set the stage but can help the spell work. Set a clear intention with your candle, visualize the intention coming true, and say it out loud, or you can always write a letter of intent to place under the candle. Hold the candle with both hands and feel the energy from yourself going to the candle. When you feel like the candle has been charged, set it down, and then work on doing the work and saying any spell cast or incantation.

After dressing the candle and doing the incantation, do not blow out the candle as this also blows out the ritual. There are a few options where the candle could be lit and then burned out until it’s finished. The best way to do this is in a fireplace sink or bathtub or placing it in a bucket or bowl with water. If this is not an option, burn the candle repeatedly to keep invoking the spell until it’s wholly cast. Snuff out the candle with a snuffer or plate instead of blowing it out. Blowing out the candle will blow out any intention and mess with the casting.

Multiple people can cast on the same candle, and numerous spells can lie upon the same candle. No matter what, it just needs to burn out before the spell or spells start activating. Candle magic colors are essential if the color fuels a spell, significantly if it correlates with the ritual and manifestation wishing to invoke. Candle magick works with the element of fire, which represents transformation. So candle magick is best used when channeling change within the spell work and can transform the words into magick.

White Candles- The color white represents purity, and white candles promote spells that focus on peace, personal strength, and insight. White candles are also suitable for serenity spells. White is so magickal because it can be a stand-in for any color. It’s the one candle that’s a completely blank slate and can encompass written words on the flesh the most clearly, with any color invoking the many different energies. White is the best to use with moon magic, and it can help bring in fresh new happy times and wash away any negative past discretions.

Black Candles- Black candles are used for protection and bouncing back curses. They also are fuel for psychic protection. Black is the color made up of all colors, and in turn, black invokes potent energy by being the most feeling color of them all. Black is best used to ward off any negative vibes, but it can also be integrated into any spell work to have that extra dose of protection.

Green Candles – Green is best for prosperity and new ideas. The color green is associated with Earth energy, and grounding rituals are most potent when channeled with the green candle. Growth and earthly possessions tie to green, so anything that needs to invoke another nature would be best done with a green candle. Green is the color of wealth and growth, so starting a new business or planning a future endeavor that needs to be grounded in your soul and prosper would be best with green candles.

Blue Candles – Blue connects with chakras and heals emotional wounds. Blue is the sky’s color and is so evoking any air magick would be good to do with a blue candle. It is also the color of water, so cleansing is best done with a blue candle. The color blue rues communication, so adding it to a ritual of trying to invoke guidance from ancestors would be a good idea. Scrying uses water to cast, so lighting a blue candle while scrying can summon water energy.

Purple Candles – Purple is the color of psychic abilities, and invoking psychic powers is best done with a purple candle. Purple is also associated with nobility and royalty. It is excellent to use a purple candle to seek advice and invocations of spirit for channeling ancestors of the great power. Purple rules the head chakra, so purple would be an excellent color to open up the mind to mediumship and intuition.

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Yellow Candles – Yellow enhances friendships, networking, and social skills. The brightest color can bring in new career opportunities manifestations. Yellow is also associated with abundance and joy. It can help with depression and spell channeling sun energy. Yellow is a great color to use with friends and spells focused on manifesting a goal as a group.

Orange Candles – Orange is an excellent color for creative endeavors and can help with stifled creativity. Doing spells to help with creative blocks or invoking confident energies is useful for channeling with orange candles. Orange is such a unique color, and it’s suitable for unique spells that might fit a few broad categories but need a little bit more of a creative push.

Red Candles – Red encourages love, sex, passion and are suitable for relationship spells. Red is good for sex magick and seduction spells and can help improve the sex life of an already functioning relationship. It is also to focus on invoking love and other love spells that can be supercharged with red passion.

Pink Candles – Rituals focused on family dynamics, relationships, and loved ones are much more powerful when done with pink candles. Pink candles are suitable to power up self-love spells and self-care rituals. It is for a gentler kind of love than red and can help with nurturing emotions. Pink helps with emphasizing and having a deeper understanding of your partner and love. It also can help with healing past traumas in love.

Casting into candle magick spells is done best with already laid out foundations to ensure the casting goes in the right direction. The witch creativity side comes out when creating your magick from the head or past experiences. There is no shame, though, when it takes looking up a particular ritual you’ve wanted to do as well since it is all going to become your own with the energy put forth to cast. It can be good to plan the candle magic spells according to the astrology placements that may fuel the manifestation. Candle magick is an excellent method to get used to doing spell work and rituals and can be done quickly with daily practice. Candle magick is such an easy way to do magick and also involves the creative mine. Light up that candle today and enjoy the joys of candle magick.

What is your favorite candle color to burn? Do you find yourself always burning specific colors of candles? Which candle color do you neglect burning?