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Magick from the Doctors of the Earth

Native American magick and healing is the oldest form of magick to touch the soil of North and South America’s continents and continues in the land’s blood. The Native Americans were doctors of the Earth, and they used many of the powerful remedies that surround most modern Americans without even being noticed. When looking at the common weeds, many people obsess over trying to banish out of their yards. They do not realize that they are also some of the oldest forms of medicine around. These are gifts that our ancestors left to continue on their magick and healing.

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The history of Native Americans has been incredibly tragic, and their genocide is one of the most devastating in all of time. North America was once a large country full of many different tribes of Native Americans that have now been reduced to only a few tribes on barren land reservations, barely able to grow some of the most beneficial plants to the Medicine people. As witches, we need to help break the stigma behind ’s banishing magickal medicine banishing from our brothers and sisters in the Native American tribes. All witches need to become allies with the Native Americans, for witches and Native Americans have been targeted and destroyed for centuries. The fact that witches and Native Americans still know their ancestors’ secrets and remedies and hold on to their culture even after being targeted for a millennium for extinction shows the true power in this nature magick performed by the earth’s doctors.

Native Americans were the first inhabitants of the North American continent, and nature was their Pharmacy. Their magick was focused and guided by the lush scenery encompassing wild plants able to cure diseases. Native Americans were intimate with many plants’ healing properties, and it was not just their medicine men and women that knew these plants, but the whole tribe practiced the medicine of nature magick. Native Americans began the holistic practice that has become popular today with the body working in conjunction with treatment to heal any ailment.

Native Americans believed in healing through many other methods besides just medicine. They believed in the natural world activating healing and human relationships energy being a large part of recovery. Native Americans believe in disease caused by soul loss, and this occurs when people abandon their connection to spiritual ways for things like lying, stealing, and despair. Many modern practitioners think that a lot of this belief system is not realistic, but research has shown that negative energy and feelings affect the body’s healing.

Healing infectious disease and religious practice go hand in hand for Native American tribes. Even though the Native American belief system was considered Pagan by the European settlers, they were very religious and spiritually dedicated to their deities. They believed when they prayed to their gods, and the deities gave them gifts of life and appreciation for their worship. Native Americans also asked their Creators for guidance and appeal to them for good health when they were ill, very similar to the Christian worshippers but done in a very different fashion. Native American prayer involved group ceremonies, including song chanting and dance. Sweat lodges were another considerable part of Native American culture and are the most powerful healing method in the indigenous culture.

Native Americans faced attacks even though most tribes were peaceful and mainly celebrated their own culture and kept to themselves except for an occasional tribe war which usually stemmed from land or resource disputes. Native American tribes had medicine men and women, and they also were tied to the tribe leadership and respected as much as the leaders were. The medicine men or women were sought after for any primary healing that the standard medicine techniques that all Natives knew were failing. The medicine men and women would also host and create the sweat lodges to make sure the tribe was energy cleansed often and as safely as possible.

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Native Americans had some of the most powerful healing methods that are still valuable hundreds of years after they developed. We will be going over the spell work and magickal techniques of Native Americans in the next few weeks with our Pure Journi members. I feel a strong tie to this culture as it has been something ingrained in me from a very early age. My Grandmother had Sioux in her and rejected the culture due to the constraints and misconceptions prevalent in the American culture when she was growing up. I felt an innate draw to Native American culture and magick before knowing what was drawing me to it since it is in my blood and soul. It is an ancestral bond that is strong within all those who have native blood and those who do not but still respect the culture of Native Americans.

Native Americans believe that humans and nature are intertwined, and medicine men and women teach the tribe that no one should anger nature as it can be harmful when angered. Native Americans were also deeply connected to the animals in nature. They believed each species had its unique attributes and strengths for the healing process. The medicine man or woman calls upon the animal spirits during a healing ceremony, which animal depends on their unique gifts to the individual needing healing to help assist with the ceremony. Witches of all walks of life could learn a lot from the magick of Native American spirituality and connection to the source. As witches, we need to fight hard for all those who work to bring more magick and healing into the world. We are all children of the earth and need to work together to gain mainstream acceptance for magick from all cultures and backgrounds.