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Magick in the Dream State: How to Activate Dream Powers

Dream magick, journaling, and readings can give valuable insight into a witches strong intuition and subconscious. This personal form of magick is beyond any spell work performed in waking life since the subconscious mind fuels the ritual. The different levels of dreams can be normal, reoccurring, lucid, daydreaming, and nightmare. Magick can happen in all of the dream states and takes dedication, just like any spell work. Practice and consistency are the tools to build onto the ritual of dream magick.

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Many witches have experience with dream walking and being visited in dreams by loved ones, strangers, or spirit guides. Each visit can give valuable insight and even peace from passed loved ones, acknowledging that they are okay on the other side. Strangers can be people we have yet to meet or ancestors guiding a path of our lives, so their role is just as vital as the spirit guides and loved ones passed. When a conscious being is in a dream, try and understand what that person may be trying to convey to you and look at what they might represent. If it was a loved one, they might be trying to encourage you to pursue a goal like they possibly did in life. It might not always be a peaceful message, and they might be trying to give you a wake-up call to a red flag as well. Try to look at a visit from all angles as the visitor knows what message you need from the dream, so think creatively.

Being a witch is being in tune with a higher level of consciousness and spirit. Many witches have guidance through their dreams, and many might not even know that they are practicing magick in the dream state. When in a dream state, the subconscious is open to metaphysical experiences since our quantum filters are down. The quantum realm and how human consciousness access it is still very misunderstood, and no human, not even witches, has yet been able to grasp our subconscious’s depth.

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Starting the practice of dream magick is best done with dream journaling, which takes dedication achieved by the habit of writing down what the mind recalls right after waking. After the dream recall, it is time to analyze the memories to see what messages are coming through from the spells or the spirits. Nightmares can have a message as well, and signs from the spirit of the universe may come through even in the scariest dreams. Take caution as dreams are hardly ever literal and are a lot more susceptible to fear in the subconscious. This process is where the creativity needs to come in again to look at the hard to understand dream message as a puzzle to unlock the dream’s real intention.

Lucid dreaming is the most acknowledged form of and one of the most popular forms of practicing Dream Magick. This dream form is more of a practiced state, but some are natural lucid dreamers. Those who are not naturals can train their brains by going into a meditative state while awake and slowly training the brain to be in a waking dream state while sleeping. This training builds the lucid dream ability by confusing the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which plays a role in controlling reality and dreams and allows the witch practicing dream magick to manipulate the lucid dream.

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A method to train the brain for lucid dreaming is reality testing, in which the dreamer sets the alarm every 2 – 3 hours as a reminder to do a reality check. A reality check could be checking a mirror reflection, pushing into solid objects, looking at the hands, looking at the time, and restricting breathing for a moment to see if in a dream or waking state. Another method to start lucid dreaming is the wake-back to bed, which involves entering a REM state while still conscious. This form of training consists of setting the alarm 5 hours after going to sleep, waking up and staying up for 30 minutes, and then falling back asleep. This method trains the brain to go into a lucid state much more quickly and wake up during a REM state. There are many other methods to train into lucid dreaming, and these are just a few to try and experiment with occasionally. A warning that lucid dreaming should only be done once in a while as this type of sleep disruption could cause long term sleep and health issues if done regularly.

Lucid dreaming could be used as a powerful tool for practicing dream magick with spellwork. A witch could work on spellwork while in a lucid dreaming state, powering spells in both the subconscious and conscious realms of the mind. This doubling of the power will help rituals manifest stronger and much quicker since two parts of the mind and magick are in cahoots towards the same goal. Dram magicians can ask spirit guides for help with magick, and some might even join in during the lucid dreaming period.

Dream magick is a tool to channel what we dream of, finding out what it means in our day-to-day life and what messages are coming from the universe. Practicing the magick can be done in any state of dreaming, but lucid dreaming is the strongest. The lucid state allows the dreamer to control much more of the manifesting. Being aware of dreams and the messages they provide can bring a consciousness of the unconscious, powering our spells and lives in every way. There is nothing as empowering as waking up from a dream and feeling the peace of being visited by a guide or loved one. The satisfaction of realizing our friends and companions are always there working magick in support of our dream magick.