Magick Spells

Money Jars as a Tool for Success and Prosperity

Prosperity spells are among the most popular rituals for all witches to perform for others and do themselves. Prosperity spells are prevalent throughout many cultures, and every type of culture has different methods to obtain money and get wealth coming to the practitioner. Money trees in Oriental cultures and burning green candles while wishing for cash have become famous throughout every culture to gain wealth and manifest riches. Prosperity is thought of as the act of earning more money but could also be career and aspiration goals or just having financial comfort. Green is the color of prosperity because it is associated with money and grounding in the earth’s energy, bringing natural comfort. In modern society, money brings comfort. Therefore money is ruled by earth and abundance magick. Green candles are for spells relating to goals, money, financial success, good luck, fortune abundance, and generosity. Lighting a green candle while wishing for prosperity, abundance, or asking the universe for wealth is one of the more straightforward and most basic prosperity spells.

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Prosperity spells, also called abundance spells, are not always about money coming in large quantities but again just feeling secure and having as much as you need in life to get by without stress. That is what many witches and people, in general, want to have in their lives. Using magick and spellwork to gain prosperity is one of the best ways to earn a wonderful, prosperous life because it sets the intention towards thinking about long-term success in financial areas. Prosperity magic works because people believe in making their lives better and working hard to make it come true while also depending on manifestations to be put into action with spell work. The intention setting and spells work together to make magick come true. The intention is one of the most potent magickal tools because it uses the witches energy to make the spells manifest quickly depending on the witches power level. Manifesting the prosperity spell daily is vital because it integrates into every part of our ritual practice witch then puts energy towards creating the magick to come true. Spell work and rituals are most potent when manifestation is involved, so abundance spells rely on constant meditating and manifestation practices to come to fruition.

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One of the most popular ways to do a prosperity spell is a money jar, which brings wealth and prosperity to the witch who casts the magic with the money jar and keeps it in their possession. It is best to keep the prosperity jar close to a workstation or somewhere in the house, representing the home’s abundance or desired wealth. It is also good to put a good luck charm on the money jar or in the money jar, representing the individual witches heart and magick. It could be a favorite trinket, a crystal that resonates or symbolizes something representing the witch and their future fortune. It is also good to use the jar to meditate nightly, thinking about the manifestation of prosperity and what abundance the witch wants in their life. Making a money jar is an easy ritual and unique to the witch since each individual can pick the different types of herbs to put in the jar.

How to Make a Money Jar

First, the jar must be cleaned and posses a firm-fitting lid, and then gather the tools needed to make a money jar since the ritual should only happen when everything is within the sacred space at the time of casting. The tools and items needed are a cleansing herb like sage, rosemary, and palo santo wood will work as well. Herbs and spices like cinnamon, cloves, chamomile, sage, and rosemary have prosperous magickal properties. The witch should add any plants or herbs unique to the heart as well to represent the individual. Daisies in the money jar bring about good luck and add beauty to the money jars, and again any other flowers that are defining the witch can be added. The best stones and crystals to use with a money jar are the tiger’s eye, clear quartz, and green aventurine, along with any unique crystals the witch feels brings their abundance.

Start by taking all the ingredients together and light the candle and cleansing tools like sage, rosemary, cleansing buddle, or palo santo. Here a cleansing chant can be invoked and asking the plant spirit to infuse the space, items, and jar with the blessing of prosperity and abundance. Fan the area and the jar with the smoke from the cleansing plant or wood. Cast out any negative and harmful energy to make the money jar in the most sacred of spaces. Cast a circle of protection, add each item to the jar, think about what item it is and what it means to the spell. After all the magickal items are in the jar, sit and meditate while saying or thinking about your prosperity spell while holding the jar. Think about how your life will be full of abundance in health, money resources, or whatever you desire for prosperity to come into your life. Take wax from the green candle and seal the jar while repeating a prosperity chant and asking the universe for what you want in abundance. The last step you can decorate the jar and make it your own so that it looks inspiring in the house or space where the witch will keep the jar to meditate daily focused on the spell. Close the circle and let the candle burn out or snuff it out to be able to be lit when you meditate again with the jar until it’s wholly burnt.

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Prosperity spells are a great tool because they set a manifestation to have a life of success and bring abundant blessings from the green energy into your life. Using magick to gain prosperity is helpful since it sets the witches towards success and focuses the magick on the same goals. Some witches may feel prosperity spells are selfish. Still, when abundance and prosperity come into one’s life, that usually surrounds them and benefits others surrounding the witch in their life as well. It is okay to ask for wealth because witches generally do not have harmful intentions, and prosperity will do good to the world and create more magickal abundance for all in focus. People who ask for prosperity are ready for success in their lives and prepared to be surrounded by all the things they need to make their dreams come true. Those who want prosperity for selfish reasons will not have a good enough manifestation intention to make significant money and abundance changes in their lives. Wealth and success only come to the witch who works on their magic and has the most genuine heart intentions with their newfound abundance.