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An Introduction to Moon Magick

Moon magick worships the moon’s energy and practiced by many cultures with their different deities and names for the moon. Like most nature worship, Moon magick is some of the oldest magick and spiritual practices in human existence. Witches have been following the moon phases for centuries, but all humans were paying attention to the Moon before modern technology. Before technology, humans depended on the moon for light and also to keep track of time or the date. Since the moon was so important to humans, it makes sense a lot of spiritual practices centered around the celestial body. The moon and the cycles represented life, death, rebirth, and agricultural societies held the moon to be a female ruler of vegetation cycles.

Wicca is one of those spiritual paths that worship the moon, and it symbolizes the main deity to the practitioners, the triple goddess. This same deity representing the Moon’s phases, with the symbol being the full moon with two crescent moons on either side. The maiden, mother, and the crone represent four primary cycles the moon goes through full, waning, waxing, and lastly, new moon. Wiccans believe all beings go through these phases in their lives and witches live their lives following what phase they are in their cycle. Wiccans also believe in reincarnation. Just like the moon comes back after every process, witches believe souls come back to start a new soul phase after death.

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Each month has its name of a moon, and it correlates with the different seasons and harvest that created and encompasses the energy of the specific Moon. Many covens center their Esbats or coven rituals around the full moon, and the magic created during this full moon usually correlates with whichever moon is in the current cycle. The moon phase also encompasses astrological signs tied to them, and those signs change every three days. Natal charts and astrological readings have a basis in these cycles, which connect astrology to Wiccanism. The astrological sign the moon is under can affect collective moods and behavior just as much as the phases.

Drawing down the moon is one of the most significant all-around rituals in Wicca. Coven Wiccans mostly do this ritual every full moon. The process does not have to be done only at the full moon, but many witches feel that is the best time to draw down the Moon since it is at maximum power. The active drawing down the moon allows the Goddess to come into the Witch’s physical body. In a coven, the High Priestess will be the one who says these words of evocation and welcomes in the goddess, but solitary witches can do this as well. Drawing down the moon can be done with an athame or ritual knife symbolically drawing down the moon into the bodies. The ritual also quickly can be completed by standing under the moon with palms upward, allowing the energy to absorb through picturing the moon and goddess power flowing into your being. The sacred ritual may feel very emotional for a witch since they will feel their goddess’s energy inside of them. Drawing down the moon is the closest any witch or Wiccan can come to the goddess energy, and it usually is done right at the full moon’s peak.

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Wiccans who want to get deeper into their full moon rituals can focus the specific tradition around the moon’s astrological sign. An easy trick to remember is that the full moon is still at the opposite sign of the sun sign. So during a Scorpio Sun, the full moon will be in Taurus and so on throughout the zodiac signs. This practice helps learn the opposite signs of each sun sign, building astrology knowledge and balance between all beings.

Witches can do moon worship through many capacities like charging crystals with the moon phases, timing cleansing rituals with the moon cycle, or worshiping in a moon garden. Having magickal practices based around moon cycles also keeps the magickal consistently completed. Witches can know they cleansed their crystals last moon phase, and it keeps track of ritual progress and protection. Any moon magick ritual that focuses on the moon will connect a witch with the triple goddess and centuries of moon worshippers throughout all cultures.

Moon magick is one of the easiest forms of magic to participate in because it primarily focuses on the moon’s energy and very few tools or ingredients. A connection with the moon is all a witch needs to practice and do moon magick rituals. Each moon phase has its magick associated with that particular cycle, which helps witches focus worship around creating consistent magick around each stage. All magick practitioners worship the moon in one capacity or another, whether Wiccans or those who prefer Pagans or just straight-up witches. Even those who do not fully worship the moon still celebrate the full moon cycle, which shows the moon’s power on all beings.