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Moon Ritual Series: Waning Gibbous Moon

The waning gibbous moon is a time of appreciation, analysis, and persuasive worship for the full moon phase gifts with the ritual complete. Using the waning gibbous to reflect on the successes and the ritual’s progress throughout the phase is vital for any spellcaster. The waning gibbous also called the last quarter, initiates the waxing changes, implements the full moon’s ritual, and any last-minute checks through the waning for the spell to be complete. The waning time is for cleaning up baggage that has been left behind or not resolved during the cycle and prepares for the next part of the process, the new moon. The new moon brings in the new cycle and can be a fresh start to any ritual missed throughout the previous cycle.

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The waning moon is also when a witch should thank the deities that may have assisted and worshiped at ancestor altars who may have helped during the ritual. Any appreciation to the universe delivered is crucial because it shows that the energy given was appreciated and reciprocated, gaining trust and energy exchange with spirit. The waning moon is a critical time because it lets us analyze the gifts during the full moon ritual and what else needs to focus on and worked on in the future. Not everything can have a resolution in one cycle, so this is a great time to see what was fixed and failed. The waning gibbous can also be an excellent time to look at why things failed and what effort needs to be put in much more substantial next time to ritual is attempted.

The waning gibbous moon represents the crone, the last phase of life, and the stage where the witch faces the prospect of death. The Crone phase is the hardest part of the life cycle of being a human to accept that the end may be near and witches are not exempt from this fear. The crone looks back at their life and can regret all the things they did not do, but this is not the end. A smart witch will look at the things they did and realize that the crone phase is genuinely the most magickal and powerful. The crone is the most powerful of the witches, and they are the ones that have gathered the power throughout their whole life cycle into a potent force. The waning moon is very similar in this way as it is the most potent moon force where manifestations can come true automatically. The waning moon has built all the power of the moon cycle into a strong power charge. Use the waning moon magick to remove barriers and negative patterns and let go of what does not serve us any longer is vital. Similarly, the crone will transmute their magick in life into guidance and connection to the universe, having their power live on past their physical life.

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We think of the crone as the end of life as a phase to be feared but reaching old age is a tremendous experience and the time where the power is the strongest. We have gathered strength in a lifetime of building and spellwork, and to be the Crone is when this power comes full force. As many witches do not know what to do with their intensity in the crone period of life, they should look to the moon for guidance. The path will always illuminate to embrace the power and make it work for manifestation.

The waning moon clears out all of the negativity that does not serve the witch and brings in the moon’s positivity but also the cleansing the moon brings with each cycle. The rituals are done in tandem to help guide the witch by making their dreams come true, and the waning moon is a critical time. This gibbous moon allows any catch-up that did not happen during the moon phase to activate and the rest of the manifestation complete. The reason is why the waning moon is so important is that it can be where things happen the strongest. If the witch neglected parts of the rituals during the moon cycle, the waning moon could force the manifestations even with pieces missing.

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The waning moon gives us the gift of letting go and teaches that getting through the release phase is just as important as all the other phases of life. The waning moon is good to use for banishing toxicity in life and wherever toxicity may lie in the self or life of the witch. During the waning gibbous moon, the spell to banish is to write the toxic behavior or name of a toxic person on a scrap of recycled paper. Then lite a black candle and burn the paper in flames and say, “I release all the toxicity in my life out into the universe and welcome only back in healthy, happy energy.” Clap your hands twice on each side of the candle, and then extinguish the flame. The banishing spells done at the waning gibbous are powerful because the moon means clear out anything that does not serve. The waning moons’ activation in the ritual banishes away any harm coming to the witch or energy that would sabotage the ritual.

The waning moon is this period began in Libra after the Virgo Full moon, then moved into Scorpio, then Sagittarius through Aquarius. The cycle will end with the Pisces New Moon Saturday, February 13th. These many zodiac signs are a great time for manifesting the prosperity spell we did during the full moon since they activate both creativity and strength in the waning gibbous phase. The cycle changes every time, but for banishing any negative prosperity energy having Capricorn in the waning stage would be a good time for the organization and ensuring all the prosperity is in order. The other aspects of the zodiac during the waning are positive and try to do any last-minute planning during the earth sign.

The waning gibbous is a gift from Goddess who wants every witch to banish negativity out, and the waning is the last chance for banishing. The waning gibbous moon reduces any work or energy not done through the planning, ritual, and moon phase period. The waning gibbous moon could help clear any lousy toxic life aspects for the witch to start the new cycle with a better plan if the ritual did not go as planned. The waning moon process helps the witch discover the strength and also the weaknesses of their magick. Clear out any toxicity in the waning moon phase to have more success in the next round. Always go into the new moon with a clear head and an ability to guide the next phase without any baggage left over from the one previous.