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Moon Ritual Series: Full Moon

The full moon ritual that we will be doing under this Virgo moon in the Pisces Sun focuses on gaining wealth and prosperity through following your dreams. It is best to do a money jar on earth sign Moon says it is suitable for capital, building a secure financial future, and living the passions in life. The money jar will have items put into it to help increase the personal goals towards an economic future where one is working and living their dreams and getting paid for it.

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The new dynamic of the world post- Covid is a new adventure in the lives of all b wings where things have shifted, allowing people to follow their dreams and get paid for them. I’m going to channel the Virgo Moon’s energy and use the Earth’s stable financial power to create goals and follow plans to keep saving and bringing security to my personal life. The Pisces Sun will activate dreams and help anyone focus on what they want to do in their life that sets their soul at ease and brings joy. These are my personal goals but make the intentions set to your dreams with any manifestation in line with the moon, sun, or both.

My moon is the opposite of this Virgo sign, and the Pisces Sun squares with my moon in Pisces as well, which is an exciting dynamic. This moon is very personal to me and my goals since it speaks to my magick personally. I feel like I’m going to have this opportunity to chase my dreams but do it in a practical way to keep working on getting on my feet financially.

Pull a card for both the Virgo Moon and the Pisces Sun to see the financial goals or dream pursuits. Just pulling the one card as I did puts both of the aspects together into one message. When I pulled the tarot card, I pulled the Ace of Wands, which is an excellent sign for building a secure future and having prosperity in my life. For my message, I see that I have the potential to become exactly the person I want to be, and the Moon will be on my side to make my financial manifestations come true. I have never been drawn to economic pursuits because I love doing what I do, and I never cared to get paid for it. I now realize that if I want to follow my dreams, it helps if financial security is behind it to make sure my plans do not cause me stress.

Creating a money jar under the earth sign helps with financial securities because it channels in the right energy and makes sure that every part of the goal is to manifest security. Putting in white items like white flowers and white quartz pulls the Moon force for this money jar, blessing the goddess magick into the spellwork. I lit green candles and have green incense channeling my power during the performance as well. I put in Moss Agate for grounding and a green ancestor stone from my grandmother to bring in the power of green crystals and only the magick and security from my ancestors. The play money was a universal sign to the world’s magick that the jar brings in financial pursuits. The birch note is vital since writing an intention is the best way to channel the exact goal the witch wishes to create.

The money jar intentions can be channeling whatever prosperity spell the witch wishes to make in their own financial goals. For these jars are intentions were to make Prosperity come from living our dreams. The magick casting will be unique to all witches situations. Still, for this jar, the chant was “Oh mother goddess and the present Virgo Moon, please bring us prosperity in the living the dreams aspect of our lives and guide us on a path of being financially stable with our dream jobs while working with your polar the Pisces Sun, So Mote it be.” Seal the jar with oil, then place it on your altar in the moonlight if possible to keep the intentions set.

This full Moon Under the Pisces sun was a very dualistic experience since they are opposites on this scale but complement each other. Having both aspects of a scale creates Perfect Harmony and balance where each sign covers their part, and there becomes a balance in the casting. The Virgo will be vital for casting during the first few days before and after the full moon since the energy is still intense in those periods. We will begin the Waning part of our series in the next few days, so have fun making the Virgo Moon money jars and get that prosperity coming to you!

What Prosperity spell will you be doing for this Virgo Full Moon? Leave in the comments to supercharge the spell through all your fellow Pure Journi witches!

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