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Moon Ritual Series: Waxing Moon Phase

We will focus on the first moon phase, the waxing period after the new moon, for the first part of our moon spellwork and ritual series. The waxing moon is the period after the new moon into the full moon, and it first goes into the waxing crescent before hitting the first quarter, also called the waxing half, then onto the waxing gibbous. These are the three different phases in waxing, and together they are the phase of manifestation. We will be including the crescent, half, and gibbous rituals to channel the particular energy of the waxing moon.

The first phase in the moon cycle is the best time to schedule planning and supply gathering for rituals within the full moon cycle. The moon changes astrological signs every three days. A witch can do practices focusing on those dynamics as well and each moon period has a unique series to grow. For this first phase, we will focus on the new moon in Aquarius, which we celebrated on February 11th. Then waxing crescent went through Pisces and Aries to the 1st quarter in Taurus that peaks on February 20th. Having the dynamic of an air sign new moon to an earth sign half helps expand upon creative and sturdy ideas and intentions. Then going into Gibbous in Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, then ending on the Full moon in Virgo on February 27th. This series’s second earth sign transition will be good for practical and obtainable goals for the spellwork. Every moon phase with astrological signs is unique, so it is beneficial always to be aware of what signs the moon will be in for each stage.

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Spellcasting during a moon phase is beneficial because it connects the mother goddess, the moon, and the triple goddess with different strengths and weaknesses. The waxing moon cycle is good for spells that have to do with concentration, gaining, growing, taking action, planning, gathering energy, and many other building tasks. The waxing crescent is technically the first step in the cycle onto the full completion, so it is the phase where clear intention needs set. The plan needs to be implemented for the ritual to stay on track for the most vital manifestation.

Crescent Waxing

The crescent waxing moon begins after the new moon when everything is dark, so it is often the one that people start noticing the moon is creeping back into the sky. The crescent moon represents new opportunities and growth because it’s the first sign of life after the new moon’s darkness. The crescent is the first sign of something big happening with the moon, and it’s a symbolism of the development of witches through their magick. Even ancient cultures knew from the moon that anything growing takes time and is slow but steady. The waxing is an excellent time for new spells and rituals that are an exploration to the witch.

The waxing crescent is vital because it is one of the predominant triple goddess phases and is the first crescent symbol representing the maiden. The maiden energy is expressing growing throughout the life cycle, and this is where the witch first discovers her power and femininity. The maiden represents fertility and menstruation. I sent these are large aspects of the crescent goddess, the maiden. The maiden’s energy is also outwards projection as this is the most exploratory time of the witch where she is discovering and learning the most about herself.

A crescent moon is an excellent time to establish a routine and start new magickal ventures, a new relationship, a new job, moving to a new state or country, or anything represented in fresh starts and beginnings. The crescent or Maiden part of the cycle is also perfect for researching and developing game plans to reach significant and life-changing goals. The waxing crescent can be very beneficial for all witches and not just in magick but also in establishing a new practice like divulging into shadow work or exploring a magickal art.

First Quarter

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The next phase and waxing is the half-moon or called the first quarter moon, and is the moon continuing the expansion into a completely exposed moon during the full moon. This phase of the moon corresponds with late spring and early summer and the holiday Beltane. A moon phase is where the spells and goals are getting some traction powered by the moon on its journey, and it becomes much more sure of itself. It begins to invoke fire energy and represents the loving co-creative relationship between the god and goddess. A witch can use the power during this phase to harness love and romance in particular.

The quarter moon is the best to start a new romantic endeavor and partnership goals, even if they are unrealistic. The waxing moon is also an excellent time to make more detailed plans instead of just the crescent brainstorming. The half waxing phase is ideal for ensuring that the methods correlate with any intention or realization of goals. A which should also use this time for any spell work that began at the new moon to be boosted by lighting a candle, doing sigil magick, or any visualization that helps the process continue.

Gibbous Waxing

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The last phase in waxing is the path to the full moon is the waxing gibbous phase. The gibbous period can blur between the full moon and the first quarter, as sometimes the moon can look full if it’s still in the gibbous phase. This period can trick witches into believing the moon can be full when it does not support the fact that manifestations can seem activated but need the last push. The waxing gibbous is when the goals will start manifesting, and any last-minute plans need an extra charge to use the moon’s power accordingly are done during the waxing gibbous. Energies begin to focus during this last part, and instincts become sharper during the gibbous phase.

The gibbous moon correlates to the summer solstice when the trees and vegetation are exploding with lush energy. The gibbous moon is the absolute time of manifestation since it is the last step before full, or it should be right around the corner if the planning has gone right. The flower bud that’s about to open is a good metaphor for the waxing gibbous moon to anticipate new things coming. No further direct action needs implementing to manifest if all else went to plan. The witch can start preparing the celebration during the full moon. It’s an all-purpose phase where the caster can note progress and anything left behind rectified before the full moon. This part of the moon is a quickening phase where any intentions that now will quickly come true.

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The waxing phase is the moon is very symbolic of the Maiden as it is the beginning of a journey and the start of something beautiful time within the waxing time. The thanks and worship to the first goddess should be included in any spell work, including fresh flowers, bright-colored candles, and shiny items to bring the Maiden’s energy to the ritual.

For the February 2021 cycle, the zodiac sign has been for the waxing crescent after the Aquarius new moon was in Pisces for two days and then into Aries. The first quarter was in Taurus setting healthy earth energy and a little bit of fire with Aries kindling any last-minute dreams. It is essential to plan for the waxing with zodiac signs since they tell a lot about what manifestations will be activated the strongest during this time. There is a lot of manifestation energy in this period of the moon, and magickal expression is most potent in waxing, so use this power accordingly. That is not to say that manifestation does not happen after the waxing. It’s just that the energy is most potent during this part of the moon phase.

The spell work can be done at each phase or at once, depending on the witch’s energy. As long as the intentions get set before the full moon ritual, the manifestation will power up by the next cycle’s waxing phase. Experimenting with the different time frames can be fun to see how the expression works through various methods.

Waxing Moon Spellwork

For this spellwork and ritual, we will be focused on financial goals since it can relate to many witches during this trying time for the world and because the significant phases in Waxing are through two earth signs that are great for practical manifestations.

Crescent Waxing Moon Spell

Set up the altar and ritual space. Cleanse the area and open a circle. While lighting a green candle and surrounded by prosperity spell items, write on a piece of paper and chant, “On this waxing crescent moon, I set my intention and manifestation magick to save money and be financially responsible.” Let the candle burn out or snuff it out while setting the energy towards the spellwork paper and put the spell document on your altar to charge until the next step.

First Quarter Waxing Moon Spell

Set up the altar and ritual space similar to the crescent part and add in paper items representing the money or financial security that will be coming. Grab the paper and light a green candle again, this time writing down under the first intention the goals set to help along with the manifestation like “On this first quarter crescent waxing moon I will only spend money eating out once and week and the rest through groceries. I will also physically help the spell work by putting $50 of every paycheck into a savings account.” Let the candle burn out or snuff out again while putting the paper back on the altar. Make sure you stick to the physical goals set to show the universal power you are willing to take actual steps to see the manifestation happen.

Gibbous Waxing Moon Spell

Set up the altar again with the same methods as previous and this time add in paper representing the financial security you now have in life. Grab the spell work paper and light the candle. This last line to be written as follows “On this waxing gibbous moon I am financially responsible, and I am living a life of prosperity.” Let the candle burn thoroughly out to set the intention out into the universe and take the paper and bury it underneath something bright green or in the soil of a money tree. At the end of the spell, establishing the firm tone sets the belief that the intention came true, and the magick ingrains into the witch for financial prosperity.

The spell work for the waxing phase is now complete, and now it is time to move onto the full moon ritual that will help make all of the witches magickal goals come to fruition. Keep the magick alive by checking out our next part in the series, where we will be doing a full moon ritual and making a money jar to keep up the prosperity manifestation through this moon cycle series.