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Moon Ritual Series: New Moon

We have come to the last part of our Moon Series, focusing on rituals that can be beneficial during the moon cycle. In the moon’s four cycles, we have explored each benefit and channeled a different part of magick into making the intentions and dreams come true. The waxing moon for building, the full moon brought in new manifestations and a waning moon for any catch-up or instant manifestation. Now for the new moon, we are ready for a new goal and new beginnings as witches have a unique opportunity for growth with a new cycle of the moon.

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It is a good time to project for new pursuits during a new moon and new directions in life as the new moon, black in the sky, is the time to dream anew and paint the blank canvas. The first step is to ground the body and try to think of the intentions that you wish to activate in this new time of your life. The new moon will start new pursuits in life regardless of the witch choosing or not, so why not use this power. The best way to make sure precisely what you want is to focus on a new quest and set the manifestation during new moon rituals.

The Pisces new moon will be a time where the planets Venus and Neptune are activated. Neptune is just a higher phrase of Venus. The dark sky with the hidden new moon envokes Pisces and will be an excellent time for new love or a new appreciation for life and relationships. The fishy new moon will be a great time to tap into intention since Pisces rules over that area of life. This series has helped divulge into that intention and channel the energy for new pursuits and anything you want to begin during this new moon. The witch can repeat the ritual cycle of the moon indefinitely with infinite possibilities in magick. The Pisces new moon will open up the heart, so listen to any desires that come out to channel things you want to activate, but they may not realize.

Venus and Neptune also activate the reminder of unconditional love, and all beings should appreciate this form of love under the new moon. Unconditional love mixes well with Pisces as when Pisces loves. It is a solid and passionate love as deep as the ocean. In channeling the Pisces New Moon energy, think of water with rose petals washing away any negativity or obstacles to you for filling new dreams and ambitions.

The intentions in a Pisces new moon are about gathering and Pisces rules of the signal for the beginning part of spring. The new moon will be a great time to gather seeds and flowers to plant in a garden. Gardens do not have to be large and can be small or even just house plans that need replanting, but any green magick will be vital during this period. This ritual could include growing in the garden and acquiring new plants, and I have experienced this urge with all the beautiful blooms in garden shops and farmer’s markets right now. Pisces rules over a subtle type of beauty like a mermaid floating in the ocean, and that is similar energy to flower power and nature magick.

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The ritual I encompasses to celebrate the new moon involved gardening since it is spring, and I have been planning my witch garden and moon garden, so feel free to integrate any planting and design with the ritual. When planning the garden is best to gather plants that call out to your magical powers, and for this season, the flower magick lately has drawn me to hibiscus and Snapdragon. I have also gathered some potato vine to put in my which Garden. It is best to have both magical and functional plants in a garden. For a Pisces New Moon, gather together any goals you would like to create and trust that all will come together within the new Psycho, and if you’re not able to get it, you can always Focus on the next cycle. The moon’s power is constantly changing, growing this, which always can start again and refresh their magic.

Ritual first involves thinking of what you want to gather in your life, whether it be love, success, or even something simple like creating a garden. Grab a notebook and write things down that you wish to start anew. Place this message of starting new on the altar or create a Sigil to channel during this new moon cycle starting on the Pisces new moon.

“I use this tool to cleanse my space with light and loving energy on this Pisces New Moon. May an aura of light surround my space right now, protecting it, nourishing it, and cleansing it of any energy not aligned with light. My space is cleansed. My space is protected. Only love dwells here. So mote it be.

Burning sage or other cleanse tools during this chant helps cleanse the space and ensure that the senses are trustworthy, especially when using intuition. The ritual will involve breaking out any creative juices by drawing a picture to channel what new intentions you’d like to make, and you can also give your drawing a name or sentence as an intention. The drawing does not have to be perfect, and as you can tell from mine below, it just needs to loosely represent the image you see in your head during the ritual. Hold the image up and write down what it invokes in you and how you feel about the set choices during this ritual. Place the drawing around or near the altar to gather the purpose and create it to come true during the next cycle.

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Pisces rule over art, poetry, and many creative pursuits. Pisces also rules over hidden strengths and weaknesses, and this is an excellent time to focus on new Pursuits to resolve any holes in the plans that may become a weakness for manifesting. Pisces also can have the liability of self-injury, so making sure all of those weaknesses or self-doubt is removed from the equation will help the manifestations come true. Channel the best dreamy parts of Pisces but do not be unaware of an astrological signs weakness as the moon will be amplify these faults in the placement just as much as the strengths rule. The moon cycle is a time to see what you want as a witch as to channel it with all your magick and energy.

This Pisces new moon will be a solid time to manifest love relationships and new love prospects. Take time to be grateful for the love relationships and those in your life that spark creativity and be open to new people who may show a love that you have missing in your life. Pisces is all about finding love to heal the soul and be open to this soul-altering love as well during the watery moon. The moon is a beautiful sight to behold, but the sky with no moon can be just as striking, and it reminds us the light is gorgeous, but sometimes the darkness needs to be embraced.