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Morning Spells Before You Walk out the Door

All morning routines are well-intentioned, but how many of us actually stick to one? That snooze button is just too tempting when you’re wrapped up in a warm blanket and a dark room. We know that taking some time in the morning to ourselves can set us up for success, and yet so many of us find ourselves stumbling out of bed at the last second and rushing to get out the door. Starting your day in a frenzy will only set you up to feel rushed and frantic, even if you get a moment to collect yourself later. A big part of being a witch entails intention and mindfulness, which is hard to achieve when you’re rushing out the door with a bagel in one hand and your bag spilling over in the other. A slower, intentional morning will help you realign with your purpose and have a more meaningful day.

Setting up a morning routine doesn’t have to entail 5 am jogs around the block or an hour-long yoga session. If you already struggle to get up in the morning, those intentions are already set up to fail. Eventually, you may get there, but it’s going to take baby steps. To begin, list out your must-do’s in the morning before you leave for the day—the things you can’t press snooze on. These can include picking out an outfit, brushing your teeth, taking some vitamins or medications, applying skincare or makeup, doing your hair, or making yourself breakfast. They’re the morning essentials you rarely skip out on, even if you’re late. Next, let’s find some ways to add Magick to the mundane.

test alt textAs soon as that alarm sounds, press off, not snooze! You have to make a conscious decision that a snooze button is no longer an option. If it helps, you can choose to set your alarm to the latest you can get up in order to not be late. That way, there won’t be time to snooze. To help yourself wake up, spray yourself with a simple morning cleansing spray. They’re very easy to make. To get started, gather the following items:

  • 1 small glass spray bottle
  • Purified water
  • Lemon essential oils
  • Orange essential oils
  • 1 small Citrine crystal for joy ( Click Here to Read More about Citrine)
  • 1 small Carnelian crystal to connect you to life’s flow
  • 1 small Tiger’s Eye stone for protection
  • 1 incense stick

Once your items have been gathered, cast a circle in whatever manner fits your practice. If you’re able to do this outside in the sunshine, that would be best. If not, just make sure you do this during the day so you can channel the energy of the sun. Light your incense stick and use it to cleanse the spray bottle. Once the bottle has been cleansed, add the crystals to your bottle and add 5-10 drops of lemon and orange essential oils to the bottle. Next, add your purified water until the bottle is full. Once you’re ready, hold the bottle in both hands without the lid on. Close your eyes and begin to meditate. Imagine mornings where you felt well-rested and ready to seize the day. Channel that energy into the bottle and imagine the sunrays energizing the contents within.

Once you feel that the bottle has been fully charged, say the following spell:

“Touched by the sun, energized by His rays, may this bottle help me wake up and seize the day.”

Once your bottle has been enchanted with your waking spray, attach the lid to the bottle and set it by your bed. Every morning when you wake up, cleanse yourself with the spray while once again saying the spell to yourself has a morning mantra. This will help to gently waken the body and pull you out of that deep slumber.

Once you’re out and about, go and make yourself a quick cup of tea you can sip on for the remainder of the morning. While your tea is brewing, ask yourself what intentions you want to set for the day. Do you have a long list of tasks that need to be completed? Is it going to be more of a lazy day? How will you set aside time for self-care in between your busy schedule? Is there someone that’s been on your mind lately who you’d like to catch up with? As you set your intentions, use a small spoon to stir your tea counterclockwise. This will mix your intentions into the tea and activate the herbs before you take a sip.

Now that your tea is ready, head on over to the bathroom to get ready. For those who love a good skincare routine, there are plenty of ways you can add a dash of magick. Using your hands, apply your facial cleanser and gently begin rubbing it into your skin. Instead of doing this mindlessly, take a moment to visualize your stress from the previous day melting away. You can also do this with any dream residue leftover from the night before, or you can focus on cleansing any type of energy you’re ready to get rid of. Next, apply your moisturizer, but instead of using your hands, use a smooth rose quartz stone. Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love, so as you massage the moisturizer into the skin, imagine the rose quartz activating and elevating the ingredients in the product. This should leave you feeling even more refreshed than usual without adding any extra time to your routine.

When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to throw on a sweatshirt and run out the door. If this is all you have energy for, that’s okay! There are simple ways you can add Magick to your wardrobe without having to put together an entire outfit. Many witches coordinate their outfits to the day of the week, picking certain colors to go with certain days:

  • Sunday: Yellow
  • Monday: White
  • Tuesday: Red
  • Wednesday: Purple
  • Thursday: Blue
  • Friday: Green
  • Saturday: Black

Each day of the week also coordinates with a specific astrological sign:

  • Sunday: Leo, associated with the Sun
  • Monday: Cancer, associated with the Moon
  • Tuesday: Scorpio and Aries, associated with Mars
  • Wednesday: Gemini, associated with Mercury
  • Thursday: Capricorn & Pisces, associated with Jupiter
  • Friday: Libra, associated with Venus
  • Saturday: Capricorn & Libra, associated with Saturn

When you’re crafting your quick outfit, you can add intention by incorporating colors or elements associated with the day of the week. For example, if it’s a Monday, you could slip on a cozy white sweater with some moon earrings to bring in that Monday energy. If it’s Thursday, add a blue bracelet that reminds you of water to bring in some Pisces energy. You can get as creative or literal as you want! Adding intention to your outfit, even when you’re just wearing sweats, will help you feel more aligned with your craft and more deliberate with your day.

Many witches also have jewelry that they wear every day to bring in extra energy. Whether these are gemstone earrings or a pentacle necklace, wearing the same piece over and over again can fuse that jewelry with your energy, bringing in extra good luck. If you do this, make sure to cleanse the jewelry often to remove any unwanted residual energy.

Once you’ve picked an outfit you feel comfortable in, take just 1 minute to look at yourself in the mirror—and gaze with gratitude. Remember how happy you were when you initially bought that necklace or picked out that shirt. It’s easy to get bored of the things we’ve owned for a while, so take a moment to reexamine the clothes you put on your body. Feel that excitement return, and let these feelings of gratitude pour out of you and into your reflection. Bask in self-love and work to meet critical thoughts with kindness. If you have time, say a few self-affirming mantras to yourself in the mirror. These can be simple phrases like, “I am proud to be me” or “I am grateful for this day.” Looking yourself in the eye and telling yourself that you love your reflection is pure Magick all on its own. Nothing is more powerful than a human that believes in themselves and isn’t afraid to show themselves, love. Ground yourself in your presence, be grateful for the day you’ve been blessed with, and then head out the door.

Starting a morning routine doesn’t have to be daunting. Just like everything else in your craft, it’s a practice that is built piece by piece. And as you get into your routine, you may find that you’re craving even more morning time to yourself. This is when you start turning back that alarm clock, trusting yourself not to press snooze, and crafting your mornings to be about you rather than making it to work on time. It all starts with intention, and you can build that as you build on your morning routine.