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My Magickal Journi: A Witches Self Reflection

This story is a personal one but hopefully an inspiring tale for those who want to reignite their magick. This is also for those who need hope that it is never too late in life to unleash your magickal side. I have been a self-guided witch since I became obsessed with the craft at a young age. However, I was a partial practitioner doing it only when I faced hardships or needed spiritual guidance. I was sadly never too consistent with my craft. I even had an altar set up over the years but would worship at it only from time to time. That all changed with a dance class and finding the perfect group to spark my witchy side.

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My first experience with witchcraft was when I was 12 years old, and my mother took me to a beautiful shop in downtown Denver called Herbs & Arts. They had classes, and I wanted to take one since I was very interested in learning more about the witchy arts. My mom was supportive and wanted me to follow my heart, so she let me take a class at this little shop on Broadway. Herbs & Arts and the fantastic course began my journey into the mystic. It was an eye-opening experience, and I couldn’t even believe how just the first class made me feel so inter-connected with my magick. I knew from this point on, I was a witch, and this was my spiritual path.

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My wonderful mother bought me many books, and I had a few from my grandmother, who was also into mystical and magical things. I yearned for a coven, but the Herbs & Arts classmates were much older pagans, and I felt very out of place in the class. I did not make the connections I craved at that point in my practice. Sadly, that was the first and last witchcraft class I took, and from then on, I was a self-guided practitioner.

I always knew I was witchy, but my Catholic family would ostracize me on my father’s side because my mother chose not to baptize me. The Catholic belief structure made me cautious about my mystical beliefs. The religious judgment made me feel like I was a black sheep and didn’t belong, so I reached out to other spirituality avenues. Luckily I was blessed with my mother’s family to experience an openness to religion and spirituality without guilt, influence, or expectation. My maternal grandma had gone to China and had Buddist deity statues all over her house, which began my early appreciation for the Buddhist and Taoist philosophies. This openness to follow whatever spiritual path was pivotal to learn as a child. It opened me up to respecting different spiritual practices or religions and encouraged my young self to respect all different cultures, and this trait has lasted a lifetime. Regardless, I personally was drawn to Wiccan studies and witchcraft primarily—something about the goddess energy just connected to my deepest soul and maybe even a past life.

In the early days of the fantastic tool of knowledge known as the internet, I remember researching for hours the many different witchy things I could find. I had my book of shadows full of printouts, spells, and drawings of symbols that I’d found. I was eager to learn, but I never had access to a school, a coven, or a mentor to school me in the craft. Reading books or online articles didn’t satisfy what I was searching for from witchcraft because I am a hands-on person who needs guidance and fun activities. Twenty years of playing around with mysticism, I’m sad to say, never blossomed into much outside of a book reading here, a tarot spread there, and a spell even rarer. It was discouraging in many ways because I always felt that I had a deep, strong magick that was not being utilized until I moved from Denver to Austin, and all of that changed.

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This past June was a rough time in my life, and I had to leave my hometown and move to another state. My game plan was to find a close dance studio where I would feel at home and take my mind off my struggles. Dance has been my first passion since I was 3 or 4 years old, so I dance wherever I go. With great fortune, I discovered Minx + Muse on Instagram, a witchy studio with the sensual dance I was looking to study. On my first visit, I drove to the studio with no real game plan except to check out the studio and the vibe. I ran into the owner Crimson, who showed me around, and it was love at first sight. I was excited that it was a witchy studio, but I went there for dance classes and to open up my sensual side. Little did I know this would be a rebirth of my magick and create this new person with traits I always wanted to encompass—healthy, sensual, and full of magick.

At Minx + Muse, I was looking for a dance studio, but I found so much more. The study of Witchcraft and women’s Serenity is ingrained in every class at Minx + Muse, and if you know where to look, you will see you are surrounded by it. That is not to say everybody at Minx + Muse is a witch, but you will feel the coven experience right away for those who are channeling that energy. I initially took dance classes, but I soon switched to the coven classes and absorbed their social media postings. Everything they posted helped unleash my witchy side much more profoundly than I’ve ever had this side untethered. This studio helped me become a full-fledged practitioner.

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I have finally bloomed into my power, and it’s fantastic to be more dedicated to the craft. With Minx + Muse’s inspiration, I have been doing tarot in synchronicity with the Moon cycles and have worked on myself through their monthly prompts. Having a coven has made me a more dedicated practitioner, and I’m so glad my love of dance brought me to this fantastic place. Being part of a coven is essential for some witches, like myself, who are not that good at being a solitary practitioner. I am a busy person, and sometimes my brain can be so scattered where I forget to take care of myself and my practice. With the fantastic classes at Minx + Muse and their social media prompts, I never fail to practice my magic. An encouraging coven is crucial to why some witches can experience magick in every aspect of their lives and have a consistent practice. For some witches, a witch family makes them feel part of something bigger than themselves, encouraging daily routine. I no longer am a solitary practicing witch as I now have a coven of sisters, and their love, power, and guidance have made my magic strengthen and blossom.

Some witches sadly do not have the blessing of a coven. Therefore, I will work diligently to make sure the knowledge I share in these articles is engaging and encouraging for the solitary witch out in the world. This studio has given me the gift of having my magick back and in full force, which I hope I can use to bring knowledge to all those searching out magick like I was for so many years. The universe gifted me for this embrace of my true power, and now I can share my knowledge in this Room of Shadows with all you beautiful readers! Having this new opportunity to write for the fantastic Pure Journi site has made my childhood dreams come true, and I finally feel I have fully come into my power. I hope these articles can help the budding witch by giving the tools freely to understand the craft and share in my gained knowledge. A message to my younger self or all the new practitioners out there would be that your power will come, and you are an amazing witch who is doing the best you can to learn this beautiful craft. Ignore judgment, try to practice as much as you can, and open yourself up to every new opportunity, for the universe will bless you when it is your time.

Thank you for your support and for joining me on this magickal Journi!