Mystics and Healers

Are you lacking clarity in your life? Pure Journi’s mystics have spent years studying the ancient practices of mysticism, healing, and spellwork. We welcome all who seek wisdom through mysticism. Mystics can help you understand the past, predict the future, communicate with departed loved ones, and guide your spell casting. 


Whether you want to delve into the way the stars aligned at the moment of your birth with a natal chart reading, catch a glimpse of the future through tarot, oracle, or astrocast forecasting, or delve into your past lives, our virtual mystics look forward to helping you find peace and clarity through a personal reading.


Here’s what you can expect when you book an appointment with a remote healer:

  • A virtual 1:1 experience with your mystic. If you’re not comfortable with a face-to-face, we offer remote healing opportunities over email and phone. 

  • Choose from 60 or 90-minute sessions with a mystic to connect with your magickal side.

  • Guarantee: Our Mystics will be available and ready for your confirmed booking. It is not common, but in the event, there is a technical problem, and your mystic has internet or phone issues, we will gladly reschedule your session for a later time or provide a refund for your session.

Book an appointment today to gain clarity on both practical and spiritual aspects of your life. Payments can be made in full with a credit card or through small monthly payments on Sezzle. 

Lily de Rose

Lily de Rose is a witch, sage, mystic, and writer. Lily has been doing intuitive tarot to gain a more in-depth insight into the future for many years and wishes to help her clients with the same awakening. She is a dark goddess, sensualist, magickal writer, and sex magickian who practices light and shadow work, among many other magick forms. Lily De Rose has a deep passion for astrology, tarot, and oracle cards, but it is interested in exploring all divination tools. Lily has a unique insight into readings on both practical and spiritual aspects since she has an Earth/Water dominant natal chart. Let Lily De Rose connect with your magickal side to awaken a new approach to the divine science of divination. Expect grounded answers and emotional care to be dominant in these readings. Book a session with Lily de Rose today.


Futurecast- Tarot or Oracle

Furturecast is a divination reading with either Tarot or Oracle cards to plan future goals for a specific time frame or an abstract look into the future to help with decisions and insight.


Astrocast is an Astrology based forecast for a specific future event or an abstract look into the client’s plans for the upcoming few months with the care of the planet placements and how it will affect any goals. These aspects affect the natal chart, and the future planetary aspects will either help or hinder the plan.

Ask a Witch- Tarot or Oracle

Ask the Witch Lily De Rose random questions regarding future life plans or any problems that the client wants to answer through divination's Magickal skills. Assistance with any magickal goals like setting up altars, working on a specific type of magick, or any insight into harness a more profound practice of witchcraft included if desired.

Oracle or Tarot Spread Wide Open

A standard Tarot or Oracle spread with any method or results wanted, whether it be the focus on relationships, career goals, or anything that the client wishes to gain insight into from the divination spread. 

Natal Chart Reading

The Natal Chart Reading is a deep dive into the client’s natal chart to understand the self and how the stars aligned when the being was born. Insight into the natal chart can help with dealing with daily life and the joys of personality shifts.

Mimi Curry

Mimi Curry is a New Orleans Mystic. Her decades of experience in the services below have allowed her to help hundreds with readings, healings, ancestral work, and much more. This has gained her a loyal following of clients whom she has helped live more robust and better lives. She is waiting to serve your needs.  She is available for the services below. Book a session with Mimi today.


  • Tarot readings

  • Past Life Readings

  • Couples Readings

  • Mediumship/Ancestor Work

  • Energy Healing, and Consultation.

  • Consultations for magical work having to do with healing/ love/ trauma/ uncrossing/ money/ protection/ and other magical services, and spiritual life coaching.

Tarot Readings by Pure Journi's Mystic Mimi Curry.  Healings, past life readings, couples readings, mediumship, ancestor work, Magick work, love, trauma, money, protection, consultations, and more.  Schedule a session with her today, her gifts are amazing and life-changing!  Book a 60 or 90-minute session with her today!  Mimi has used her special abilities to help hundreds through readings, healings, ancestral work, and much more.the natal chart can help with dealing with daily life and the joys of personality shifts.