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New Beginnings Spell with Help from Ostra

Any witch who wants to celebrate Ostra should work towards spell work that encompasses growth and rebirth and to do around the first day of spring. The spring equinox is when days are longer, which is a great time to praise and worship Mother Nature in all her glory. This time of the year brings all these beautiful new seeds into growth and blooming, which channels within the mind and spirit in conjunction. Ostra is the celebration of anything that has to do with plant growth, renewal, and patience. Spring is all about rebirth, and it corresponds with the New Moon cycle in the moon phases. It represents a time to rebuild and start anew after the cold, barren winter. Spring equinox is the time of year where we connect with ancient cultures celebrating the planting time where we are all ready for the world to become a little more green and bright. Ostra is a fantastic time to celebrate the newness of the year, and setting intentions is the best method to use for this time of year.

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For this Ostra spell, we will do a self-growth and good intention planting spell. We want this time in our lives to be planted with care, and it doesn’t always have to focus on gardening, but gardening is a good analogy for the cycle of renewal and rebirth. Planting a garden takes time and effort especially done from seed, but even getting hands dirty helps grounding. You plant the seed and wait for some time. It feels like nothing is happening, which is how life feels when a change needs to come. Then all of a sudden, when you least expect it, and maybe you’ve given up hope, you start to see a little plant emerge. This new life begins as a tiny bud and then starts to grow bigger until one day it may provide life-sustaining sustenance like food or flowers for magick. The rebirth of spring symbolizes the same way life needs patience, and you will see something grow that can be life-changing and altering.

Ostra is one of the eight sabbats, the Wiccan holidays that worshiped around nature, and the Spring worship is one of the four minor sabbats that fall on the equinoxes and solstices. All of the Wiccan minor sabbats have spell work to do with earth magick, and Ostra is the beginning of Springtime and means a lot of work and preparation for the growing cycle. The ancient witches also were given relief for getting through the winter, which could be daunting due to shortages of food, but even now, we still feel the readiness to have sunny days again. Spring was one of the most monumental times in ancient cultures as wintertime meant food rationing and scarcity, whereas spring was the end of that time. The spring gave hope with the rebirth, and it is still a large part of our culture today.

Ostra originated in Germanic culture celebrate in the Goddess of the Dawn, Eostre, and the celebrations that the ancient witches have participated in are unknown. Still, they’re all focused around earth magick and the natural cycles we all connect to with nature and our beginnings. Earth magick is the connection most beings have lost to nature and how we are a part of that cycle, but witches can reclaim that spirit in celebrating Ostara with magick. History has found there was an old festival that celebrated as the awakening after winter. It was not an event worshiped by the Celts but mainly by the Germanic people and came to Wiccan traditions through magical worship. It was one of the biggest influences on the Christian holiday Easter. Still, many Ostra celebrations like eggs and rabbits are associated with the Christian holiday predominant in Ostra worship.

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For the spell today, we will visualize physically planting a seed that will help bloom into something new in our lives for a planting spell. Witches can do a spell by actually planting seeds, and each plant has its magick, but just as visualizing, planting a seed in your mind works wonders. Imagine that the seed is all of the beautiful things that you hope to come true in this next cycle, and it can be multiple aspects as well, just like various seeds can be planted. Incorporate green into this ritual with candles or crystals, and wearing green while doing the ritual can be good as it is a very in touch color with spring and Ostra. St. Patrick’s Day holiday takes from this tradition, and it is not a coincidence both Ostra and St. Patricks Day is in March. Interestingly, when you look at most of all the Christian or Catholic holidays, many Pagan beliefs influence the mainstream holidays.

The Ostra spell work starts with just visualization, but many green witches will want to do planting these seeds as well, and each plant can have its spell work or focused spell. Plant multiple plants with different intentions and see which ones grow the quickest. When physically planting the seeds, it is best to visually produce them in your head as well and speak out,

” Mother Earth goddess that we walk upon, may you sprout my seeds of intention, and may they spread gifts onto my life and others. May these gifts benefit the world and flourish even after I am gone. I give this offering of dirt and Earth for you to bring life and change into the world. I give my devotion and worship to the nature gods and goddesses who bring life back to the world. I work in conjunction with these theories to bring life as well. So mote it be.”

Ostra is the time to reawaken the self, and honoring the spring goddess helps reaffirm a witches connection to nature. The spring equinox is a way for us to lesson from plants and the Earth to grow and never stop evolving through all the cycles. Take this time to be open to what we’ll be growing inside your heart and plant those seeds even if you do not know what they will encompass or grow into with time. Be grateful for the sun to come back and spring to rise again. The dormancy of winter coupled with these last few years has been a complex and challenging time for all beings. This Ostra will be the time to awaken, feel the sunshine on our leaves again and welcome in growth.