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Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Cards + Disney

nightmare before christmas tarot cards

Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Cards – from the inception of the Walt Disney Company, magic has been at the forefront of the brand.

We see the magical thread weave from Magician Mickey to fairy godmothers and voice-stealing sea witches, delighting (and sometimes scaring) children and opening our minds to creativity, enchantment, and wonder. The children who loved Disney have grown up into adults, and are looking for ways to hold on to that wonder in their grown-up life. Once more, we look to Disney. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Cards pairs Disney magic with divine sentiment, encouraging grown-up Disney fans to believe in magic once more.

How did we end up with Disney tarot cards? The magical path that created Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Cards

The magic of Disney 

The Disney fandom describes magic as an “infinitely powerful and supernatural force used in many Disney productions, being responsible for most supernatural events in its features.” This magic is neutral and can be used for good or evil– depending on who’s wielding the magical wand or dispensing the enchanted potion. From the company’s founding in 1923 until today, magic features prominently in the company’s films and TV series. At the Walt Disney Company, magic never takes a backseat. From the “most magical place on earth” (Magic Kingdom Park) to magical objects like roses, mirrors, swords, and pumpkins, Disney introduces children to the potential for discovering magic all around. 

Throughout the history of Disney, magic transforms frogs into princes, makes mermaids walk, and lulls princesses to sleep with a magical apple or cursed spinning wheel. Magic comes in all shapes and forms, from witchcraft to genie magic to the most powerful form of magic– love.

The arc of beloved Disney movies wouldn’t be the same without the sprinkling of a little pixie dust throughout. 

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Movie magic at Disney 

From the 1930s, Walt Disney created characters and storylines powered by magic. In the 1936 cartoon short, Thru the Mirror, Mickey Mouse falls asleep while reading Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and dreams of his very own topsy turvy adventure in a parallel world. After the success of Mickey’s magical adventure, Magician Mickey was released in 1937 and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice followed in 1940. 

Also in 1940, Walt Disney released its third feature film, Fantasia– its most magic-fueled film yet. More than 1,000 artists and technicians created over 500 animated characters for the movie, mixing mythology, supernatural events, and fantasy set to classical music.  

That’s only the beginning. Genie uses magic to grant Aladdin’s wishes. Elsa’s magic can cause a widespread freeze. The candle in Encanto shows the strength of the miracle that enchanted the Madrigal family and home. Every Disney movie has an element of magic. 

From magical movies for kids to tarot decks for adults

The magic of Disney has marked childhood moments for nearly a century. The adults we are today are influenced by the films we watched as children, and few were as influential as Disney. 

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that author Minerva Siegel would team up with Disney and Tim Burton to craft an original tarot deck from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. In the stop-motion film, the undead skeleton Jack Skellington detaches and re-attaches body parts and opens a portal from Halloween Town to Christmas Town. The film contrasts spooky Halloween with cheerful Christmas, with the Pumpkin King himself trying to capture the magic of Christmas. 

Thought to be “too dark and scary for kids,” Walt Disney Studios chose to release the film through Touchstone Pictures in 1993. After the film’s initial success, the studio decided to convert the movie to 3D and release it under Walt Disney Pictures in 2006.

Tim Burton’s inspiration for The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Do you know what inspired Tim Burton to write the poem that became The Nightmare Before Christmas? He says his inspiration came from watching shopkeepers transition a storefront from Halloween to Christmas. Noticing the stark contrast between spooky Halloween decorations and cheerful Christmas merchandise.

He created a world that’s just a little bit of each. If you’re a lifelong Disney fan with an interest in tarot, this Disney tarot deck is the in-between you need. Immerse yourself in the whimsical world created by Tim Burton. Then, trust the spooky scenes to grant needed insight and guidance into your life. 

Minerva Siegel’s Disney tarot decks 

Minerva Siegel has a deep passion for practicing secular witchcraft. She’s also the go-to writer for tarot decks for Disney fans. Disney, Warner Bros, Jim Henson, and Garbage Pail Kids trust this talented writer to create tarot decks for their fandom. These decks remain true to the original characters while attributing a level of mysticism and divination to children’s characters. In addition to The Nightmare Before Christmas deck, she also wrote the Disney Villains and Disney Hocus Pocus tarot decks. 

About Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Cards

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas tarot deck and guidebook was published in September 2020. In uncertain times, our old friends reappeared to help us make sense of the past and guide our future decisions. 

The 78-card deck combines the major and minor arcana for a frightful-yet-friendly card reading for beginners and experts alike. You may choose to use the cards as a divination tool to predict the future. Or perhaps you’ll decide to rely on the wisdom of Halloween Town for self-reflection and personal growth. Learning lessons from past choices will influence your future for the better. 

Are you a Disney fan who grew up to love divination? This tarot deck is the burst of 90s kid nostalgia you need. Get your very own copy of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas tarot deck and guidebook. The set includes a full description of each card at Pure Journi.

It shows upright and reversed meanings, so you can start using the deck as soon as it arrives. Take a break from the 9-5 and take a journey back to Halloween Town. Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and Sandy Claws have missed you. They’re waiting to impart insight into your past and predictions for the future. 

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