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Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted: Chaos Magick

Chaos magick is one of the newest forms of modern magick and the most freeing, self-exploring form of magick to arise ever. Chaos magick does not have any set doctrine and is unlike any spiritual path to have ever existed. It is also one of the most misunderstood types of magick. The word chaos throws off many witches who see it as a left-hand or dark magick path. These witches would be mistaken as it is also called results-based magick, which is a much more fitting term for this form of magick.

Chaos magick is a practice that incorporates choice and positive self-building rituals, but still, it gets a bad reputation from most practitioners of any spiritual art. Most witches would support Chaos magick if they gave more credit and research into this practice. It is the magic form that even witches who regularly face ostracization from other religions look down upon with judgment.

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Chaos magick does not incorporate what one would think when hearing the words chaos, as it is indeed a very complicated form of magic. Even chaos practitioners do not agree on what chaos magick encompasses, but most agree that freedom of expression is the one doctrine, if there was one. Chaos magick is called results based magick as well, and it does get results from all who practice this form of magick.

Sigil magick is one of the most popular forms of chaos magick, and the practice depends wholly on the practitioner on how it gets expressed. The act of sigil creation is a creative, personal process and can make the magick feel unique to the creator. Chaos magick is also one of the most mathematical forms of magick, with equation manifestation and readings a large part of the practitioner repertoire. Another belief system in chaos magick is the unlocking of the subconscious, full of inherent knowledge. Life experiences are there to unlock this knowledge in time. Chaos magick works to quicken the unlocking process, which is why experimentation is vital to chaos magick.

Chaos magick for the individual is about building a unique world free of outside influence and also the journey of finding out what works for the practitioner on their spiritual path. A part of this process is Gnosis, which is going into a meditative state and finding out who you are deep down in your core. This process can deprogram the individual to see who they are without the nurture or influence of others meddling with the thought process. Gnosis is one of the more challenging aspects of chaos magick but helps the practitioner find out exactly how they think and what they want their magick to look like in practice.

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Experimentation is fully encouraged in chaos magick, which refers to anything and everything being a part of chaos magick. Many techniques and practices make up chaos magick, and it’s a belief system fundamentally based that whatever feels suitable to the practitioner can be included in the ritual practice. Chaos magick is a form of magic without any dogma, and the central message nothing is restricted means that, honestly, nothing is off-limits to try out. The fact that practitioners can do whatever pleases them without dogma getting in the way, these magick practitioners are very loyal to this magickal practice.

Peter Carroll is the most considerable influence of chaotic magick with his book Liber Null & Psychonauts, outlaying any official dogma than many chaos magicians practice. He was also a massive follower of mathematics and physics and incorporated this structure into this form of magick. Carroll believes in a mathematical way of chaos where there are non-linear chaotic aspects of life, and chaos embraced to balance life. The world’s chaos is not always a negative as many people think of with the word chaos and instead is another vital structure of living. The random in life is good and keeps things fun by mixing up the mundane. Chaos is not evil if randomness is what balances our energy and keeps people happy.

Chaos magick is anything but chaotic since it’s fueled by whatever feels comfortable to the practitioner. It is the fundamental basis of if it feels good, do it energy and is open for the magic practitioners to try everything once. We have to mention that doesn’t mean harmful practices to others. According to chaos magic, though, it’s not against any doctrine as there are none. It’s just societal restrictions that prevent practitioners from trying everything.

Chaos magick is one of the spiritual paths that are very hard to explain but, once studied, is very appealing and ropes in all that study it. Taking a chance with Chaos magick can make even the most seasoned witch question why they are not more open to doing what thou wilt and embracing a chaotic path. Creativity flourishes in this form of magick, and with no restrictions, all acts are apart of a ritual with chaos magick. There are many places to search for Choas magick assistance and many varied book recommendations, so have fun learning all you can to understand this complicated but freeing form of magick.