Moon Shelf For Crystals, Tincture Bottles, and Smudge Sticks 

Made From Beautiful Acacia Wood with Onyx Stain

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Acacia Wood

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Suggested Retail Price $345.00

  • OUTSTANDING CRAFT - WON'T CHIP, CRACK OR BREAK - Your moon shaped shelf is handmade from farm-friendly Acacia wood which is four times stronger and denser than pine.

  • YOUR CRYSTAL DISPLAY SHELF FITS YOUR CRYSTALS, ESSENCE, AND MORE - This wood moon decor is quite flexible. It is deep enough to hold all your smudge accessories, crystal stones, potions, and can also fit your essential oil bottles. Can also work as an essential oil shelf.

  • SPIRITUAL PROTECTION - Acacia is a divine tree and said to be the tree of the Gods. It has strong protective and positive energy. Protection, creativity, beauty, wisdom, power, and strength are all attributes of this wooden moon wall shelf. The spirit of this wood blends well with any Spiritualist, Crystal Healer, Wiccan, and Pagan practitioner.

  • SHAPE AND SYMBOLS - The history, myth, and mysticism around our crystal shelf display. Our shelf starts out with a Circle Shape as its foundation. The circle is without a beginning or end. It is the origin of everything. It represents unity, creation, protection, healing, and completeness. The Crescent Moon is a symbol of the feminine spirit. It promotes grounding, love, compassion, and intuitiveness.

  • CRESCENT MOON SHELF DIMENSIONS - 15in/38cm diameter, 3 1/2 in/9cm height between the shelves , 4 1/2in/11cm deep. Wall hanging or can sit on a table as a shelf standing shelf.

  • We are dedicated to our friends in witchcraft, spirituality, Paganism, Wiccan and all others under this great large mystical world.

Take a look at our video on how to clean the energy of your new wooden crystal shelf. It is located in our "Article and Video" section; or click here to watch it now.

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