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Oracle Cards to Help You Hear the Whisper of Your Soul

Work Your Light Oracle Cards

When was the last time you listened to the whispers of your soul? Are they just that– a whisper? Or are you tuning in loud and clear? If your intuition needs a microphone, the Work Your Light Oracle Cards will help you coax the quiet inner wisdom out into the light.

History of Tarot Cards (and how they differ from oracle cards)

Did you know that tarot cards began as playing cards? More than 500 years ago, the hand-painted cards were used by Italian aristocrats in a game called tarocci, which was similar to modern-day bridge. The game spread across Europe, where it was renamed tarot in France.

Tarot’s rebrand came in the 18th century when Jean-Baptiste Alliette (under the pseudonym Etteilla) published his definitive guide on tarot card reading. He also released a special deck designed for divination purposes. Etteilla became the world’s first professional cartomancer, and people consulted his guide as they used tarot cards for mysticism and fortune-telling.

Do you know how to read tarot cards? Some people feel overwhelmed by the different cards, suits, and symbolism, but it’s very simple to get started. Modern tarot decks consist of 78 cards divided into two groups. Each deck has 22 major arcana, also known as trumps, and 56 minor arcana. Symbolic elements are depicted by the major arcana, which are designed to help you understand major life events or lessons. The minor arcana, used to provide guidance on day-to-day life, are separated into four suits with 14 cards in each. Instead of the hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds, you’ll find in a regular deck of playing cards, tarot decks are divided into swords, pentacles, wands, and cups.

While some talk about oracle cards and tarot decks interchangeably, the decks are not the same at all. Tarot cards adhere to a set of rules, while oracle cards don’t follow any rules. Some oracle decks consist of 10 cards, while others include more than 100. For example, the Work Your Light Oracle Cards deck contains only 44 cards. Oracle cards are loved for the freedom of interpretation encouraged by the freedom from the rules of tarot.

About the author: Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is a writer, mystic, and devotional artist known for encouraging people to spend time with their souls. Her website says, “She believes that our soul is always calling us every moment of every day and that if you develop a practice of letting this wise part of you lead your life, you will find yourself living in flow with the rest of Life. She calls this ‘living a soul-led life.’” Understanding her desire to turn the whispers of the soul into life-changing action will help you make the most of this deck.

What symbolism will I find in the Work Your Light deck?

To infuse rich symbolism into every card, Rebecca Campbell teamed up with mystic and visual artist, Danielle Noel. Illustrated with pastel colors, and collaged images containing cosmic and religious imagery, this deck exudes positivity– even before you dive into the symbolism behind the cards. The deck comes with a guidebook, which details the symbolism behind each card, but with a short intro printed on every card, it’s easy for beginners to pick up the meanings intuitively.

How to use Work Your Light Oracle Cards

The Work Your Light deck is designed to help you tap into the field of consciousness where all heavenly and earthly wisdom resides. These cards guide you to that place of inner wisdom through five different types of cards:

  • Confirmation cards – immediate guidance and clear answers to your questions.
  • Inquiry cards – listen to the whispers of your soul and access your Inner Temple.
  • Action cards – receive guidance on the best actions to take.
  • Activation cards – invoke inner healing.
  • Transmission cards – access supportive energies to help you on your path to healing.

As you spend more time with this deck, you will find your soul’s voice becoming louder, sparking action, healing, and change in your life. This deck won’t just benefit you– the inner light you discover is meant to be shared. As you grow in confidence, share your inner beauty and light with the world.

What are the Work Your Light Oracle Cards and where can you buy them?

The world can be a noisy place. Social media and societal pressures drown out who we truly are at the core. Work Your Light Oracle Cards were created to help you wade through the noise and rediscover the whispers of your soul.

Are you ready to enter your Inner Temple? Pure Journi stocks Work Your Light Oracle Cards and a variety of oracle and tarot decks to help you find the wisdom you seek.