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Pick Your Magickal Poison

There are many different styles and practices with magick, and the methods are consistently growing. It can be overwhelming when deciding what to learn first. Most forms originated from numerous cultures and personal experiences, making it easier to realize magick’s fundamentals stem from a few core types of magick. The Magick that has existed for long periods and sometimes centuries all lead the way for the ones that are still new and forming how witchcraft evolves. Once a magickal practitioner wants to explore more magick types, they can start with the magickal fundamentals to get ideas on the powerful magick’s offshoots.

The first magick method that arguments can arise to being where all magick comes from is folk magick. Folk magick is the type of magick formed in ancient societies and tribes passed down from one generation to another. Folk is the most primitive form of magick and the most valid form of ritual worship since it the magick surrounding the circle of life form of magick and the one that’s focused on cycles. The inherent magick all beings feel with their connection to Earth and spirit. The Sun and Moon worshipped like Gods in folk magick, and the stars are the roadmap to life. Folk magick is the natural nature magick that encompasses every living being and lives in our bones. Everyone in the world practices folk magick, and it will always live through traditions and ancestors.

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A somewhat offshoot of folk magick, but a basic form of magick in its own right is herb magick. The practice of herb magick takes the fundamentals and nature worship of folk magick and creates real medicine. Herb magick and witches have made medicine with specific herbs found in nature. It is the original homeopathic method and the origination of modern vaccines. Many people do not realize vaccines originated in Witchcraft and homeopathic cures. Herbs are some of the oldest forms of medicine, and witches have been using their gardens to heal for centuries. Ancient herb magick practitioners and doctors believe that if an herb looks like a part of the body, it more than likely helps cure that part. Herb magic is still highly practiced in our medical field, even in western society, so herb magick is the most influential.

My favorite form of magick and one of the most popular forms is divination and psychic magick. Psychic abilities and fortune-telling have always been a massive part of the magick. Many people forget that it is a form of magick, and not everybody who practices magick deals with divination and psychic abilities. There are misconceptions that it is common to have divination skills or psychic abilities, which is not valid. A prophecy is an art form, and a few only possess the natural magickal gift. That does not mean that divination is not teachable with practice. Just having a natural inclination can quicken the process. Some witches are not interested at all and divination, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Which is that do participate in prophecy have all different types of skills. One that may have psychic and mediumship abilities may not connect as much with Tarot and vice versa. Divination is such a large area of expertise, and it is something that many witches strive for years to understand fully.

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Gypsy magick is the power from the people of the earth and stars. Gypsy magick also very similar to folk magick, but it’s specific to the Romani and Gypsy people. Gypsy magick is hard to classify as many gypsies have tight rules about who they let into the community and pass down their knowledge. They have their own beliefs and secrets, and it is almost impossible to learn gypsy magick without being a part of a Gypsy tribe. The Gypsy people are also individually separated by nationalities and cultures, so it is hard to know where the Gypsy magick begins and folk magick ends. The main benefit of Gypsy magick is that it is so varied since many gypsies have spent centuries going from country to country, adapting to different cultures and finding their form of world magick. Gypsy magick is primarily a female tradition, with the Phuri Dai being the wise woman of the tribe who works with the magic of that Gypsy tribe.

One of the most popular but rarely associated with witchcraft is the Voodoo witches and magick. Voodoo is its own spiritual belief and not always considered a part of Witchcraft in the majority, but they are still witches practicing powerful magick. The magick that flows through Voodoo is more potent than most magick forms since it fully embraces both the dark and the light side of magick with ease. Voodoo is the secret of the soul, and it’s a spiritual belief based on an old African religion that came to the new world with slavery. The tragic mixing of all the different tribes and people of Africa created strong magick with voodoo. There was no discrimination on what Africans became slaves, and high-level priests and priestesses of Voodoo were among those who tragically forced into slavery. Voodoo takes Christian beliefs and incorporates them with the old Loa, the African gods, and spirits. Voodoo is one of the most popular and targetted magick forms and banned throughout history through laws and regulations.

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Wiccans are another form of witches, and they are a group of witches in the folk or Celtic vein of magick practitioners. They are the closest to ancient witches and follow what most people know about witches with spellbooks and crystals. Wiccans are nature worshippers and fall in line with the old religion of worshipping nature and the spirits that dwell within animals, plants, and the Earth. Wiccans worship the ancient gods, and the Goddess referred to as the lady. Wiccans originated from the witches, who were the ones targeted throughout the Spanish Inquisition. That is why their power is so vital since they were able to survive many Christian. Mainstream religions went after their beliefs but still made them powerful through the 600 terrible years the burning times were attacked and killed without any representation or care. Wiccans have covens and priestesses like most Witchcraft and religions. Still, they’re also very self practicing, and one of the only religions learned or practiced without community or formal training.

Satanism and black magick have practitioners that are considered witches. The Devil is a Christian created creature with ideas stolen from the old God Pan, and Satanism is still considered an offshoot of Christianity. Christian witches and Satanists witches have very similar magickal practices since they believe in Christian fundamentals. Many of the names and rituals are in parallel languages and with similar deities. Being a Satanist is close to being death magick practitioners since they worship a god of the underworld and punishment. There is nothing wrong with worshipping death and discipline. Satanist witches should face no more judgment since it is another magick form based on Chrisitan principles and deities. The problem arises when all witches get called Satanists, which is incorrect. Satanist witchcraft can include blood magic, demon worship, and sexual acts that should only be expressed and worked with by only mature adults.

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Ritual magick is another form of Witchcraft, and it is more of a catch-all for witches who do not fit in any of these categories or may work in multiple types. Ritual magick is anything that involves spellwork or manifestation. Even meditation can be considered a ritual magick spell. Self-help authors practice ritual magick by intention setting and self-talk, which are all rituals. Even Socrates is a ritual magick practitioner since Plato believed that the Universe was an animal with a soul and a mind. Therefore the universe could be worked with and manipulated through rituals. It is one of the most scholarly and complex forms of magic as it requires prep and practice to complete accurately. Ritual magick has steps that include opening a circle performing the ritual and then closing the process at the bare minimum. A witch cannot force the ritual magick and cut corners, or else the ceremony will not be complete. Ritual magic also includes living a life of magic and consistency, as the ritual will not be whole without daily devotion.

What magick type got your attention first? What types do you want to explore more?