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10 Benefits of Using a Footrest in Your Home or Workplace

Contrary to popular belief, while they are certainly comfortable, foot rests aren’t just used for lounging about and can actually help you live a happier, healthier life. Whether you spend most of your time at work or home, a foot rest can help you in both locations and will provide a myriad of health benefits for not only your feet, but for your body as a whole. Even if you don’t suffer from any foot pain, using a foot rest is still in your best interest. Let’s take a look at why that is...

Footrests promote healthy feet and a healthier body. When your feet are not properly supported, it can take a toll on your entire body. Not only is it likely that your feet will begin to hurt, but improper foot support can also lead to pain in the legs and lower back, and can also cause issues with circulation. Using a foot rest ensures your feet will have proper support and more mobility than if you were just resting your feet on the ground. This added support promotes better foot health, as well as better health for your entire body.

A footrest can alleviate pain in the feet. Foot pain is no joke. In fact, it’s quite a pain in the…foot. If you suffer from moderate to severe foot pain, chances are you know exactly how excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable foot ailments can be, but you are also probably aware of how imposing foot pain can be on your day to day lifestyle. Pain in the feet can deter you from a plethora of activities you enjoy, such as taking leisurely strolls, hiking, jogging, walking around shopping, running around to play with your kids, and just about any other activity where you are required to be up on your feet for any length of time. However, as unfortunate as foot pain may be, you don’t have to continue living in constant pain or suffer from the fear of standing up or walking around. One simple addition to your home and working environment can kick most of your foot discomfort to the curb. What might that be, you ask? Adding a foot rest. Implementing the usage of a foot rest into your daily routine will relieve so much pressure from your feet and, in many cases, can alleviate foot pain altogether.

Footrests relieve pain in the legs. As previously mentioned, foot rests relieve pain in the feet (hence the name foot rest), but foot rests have also been proven to relieve pain in the legs. When your feet are elevated on a foot rest, the amount of pressure placed on the legs is reduced immensely. Although your legs may not seem to be very active when you are sitting down, these limbs still have a great deal of stress placed on them to keep your feet in place. With a foot rest, your legs will be reclining, rather than standing at attention. With an incline provided by a foot rest, your legs won’t be as strained and you will be relieved of any standard aches and pains you may normally feel in your legs from sitting in a stationary position for so long.

A footrest will provide relief from lower back pain. Does a footrest help back pain? When your feet are not positioned properly, such as when you are slouching in your chair or sitting at a desk for awhile, it puts a lot of strain on your spine. Such strain can cause moderate to severe back pain. To prevent such pain (or to stop it from reoccurring), your best bet is to use a foot rest at home and in your place of business. Keeping your feet elevated will take strain away from your spine and can significantly reduce your risk of developing circulatory conditions. Such elevation also reduces pressure from lumber disc, lessens muscle activity surrounding the spine, and relieves tension in your back.

Proper posture is promoted by footrests. How many times have you heard about people suffering major health conditions later in life due to poor posture? If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or table you are at risk for developing poor posture, as slouching in your chair is a very easy habit to fall into. However, if you use a foot rest you will develop better posture because the footrest will prevent you from leaning forward and will keep your legs leveled. By maintaining good posture, you will prevent yourself from undergoing any ailments caused by poor posture later down the line.

Footrests can alleviate pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common (and most painful) foot ailments. By using a foot rest, you will reduce the amount of stress you put on your feet, thus making the pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis to flare up less frequently and reducing the amount of said pain. Plantar Fasciitis tends to flare up most when you first stand up and walk around after you had been sitting for a lengthy period of time. By having your feet elevated on a footrest, it will not be as much of a shock to your feet when you stand up and walk, as your feet will be well rested. Footrests improve blood flow and circulation. When you are sitting stationary, your feet are generally planted to the ground in one spot. Sure, you may fidget them around a bit, but they’re still limited to roughly the same position. This isn’t the case when using a footrest, as footrest usage sends you your body into active sitting, which encourages lower limb movement. When your feet are able to move around freely and can be active it loosens up your limbs, which improves blood flow and circulation throughout your feet and legs.

Using a footrest can prevent cramping in the feet and legs. In the aforementioned point we learned that using a foot rest improves blood flow and circulation in the feet and legs. Improved circulation and blood flow not only makes you more limber and aids in the prevention of blood clots (which are related to deep vein thrombosis), but also can prevent regular cramps in the feet and legs. If you are prone to getting charlie horses in your calves and/or feet, a footrest can certainly deter them from occurring.

If your feet, ankles, and/or legs tend to swell, using a footrest will decrease the amount of swelling and varicose veins. As we age, swelling in the feet, ankles, and legs tends to happen from time to time. This swelling is already uncomfortable enough as is, but it can also make it more difficult and painful to wear shoes or even skin hugging pants, as the swelling can make for a tighter fit. Be this as it may, you can reduce the amount of swelling in your lower limbs by using a footrest. Resting your feet on a footrest keeps your feet and legs at an incline, which helps your blood flow and deters fluid collection in your feet, ankles, and legs. You will be far more comfortable with reduced swelling and will be able to slip into your clothes and shoes more easily.

Footrests are more comfortable than simply resting your feet on the floor. When your feet are resting on the ground, the weight of your body is resting with them. While this weight is decreased when you are sitting down, some of the pressure from the weight still remains. However, when using a foot rest your feet are elevated and the pressure of your weight is more evenly distributed throughout your body because you will be sitting at a proper ergonomic angle. Resting your tired feet on a footrest can also give you the sensation of lounging, which gives you a more relaxed demeanor.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using a foot rest, you also want to take into consideration what type of foot rest you should use. Although foot rests come in a myriad of materials and designs, you want to aim for a foot rest with a soft cushion rather than a foot rest made of a hard material. A hard footrest is better than no footrest, but with a soft, cushioned footrest you will be far more comfortable whether you are barefoot or wearing shoes, as the soft footrest will allow your feet to sink into the cushion and a hard footrest provides more resistance. With a hard footrest, you will want to only use it while wearing shoes, as the hard material can prove to be less comfortable on your feet. A soft footrest also relieves more pressure and stress from your body than a harder footrest.

Whatever type of footrest you may choose, your body is bound to thank you for it. Whether you choose to use a footrest in your home, workplace, or both, you will be promoting a stronger, healthier, and more comfortable lifestyle for yourself. Not only are the health benefits of using a footrest significant, but using a footrest is simply more comfortable than not using one. By implementing a footrest, you can hang out at home or head into work with the confidence that you will be comfy and that you are doing something beneficial for your body.

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