A Witch Must Create a Sacred Space

We have divulged into casting a circle before, but today, it will be a much deeper look into the process of creating a sacred space. Creating a sacred space is vital for all witches because they need a place to practice and know that they will be safe for their magick -plus, it connects with the guardians of all elements. Magick is one of the most intimate experiences similar to prayer that worshipers who celebrate other religions experience. When a witch channels their magick, they expose the most vulnerable sides of their physical and astral form. Casting a circle should be done quite often, but sadly, it is one part that seems to get neglected in most witches' practices, which can be dangerous. It can take some time for a typical cast, and many choose to get right on to the ritual's good stuff. Here I hope to explain why casting a circle is important and how this process can be elongated or shortened, mainly depending on whether the powerful elements feel worshiped in daily practice.

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