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Easy Feng Shui Office Tips to Create Vibrancy and Success

We have all heard the term “feng shui,” but how many of us really know what it means? If you’re like me, you probably thought you had a pretty good idea of what feng shui is, minus a few details here and there, but couldn’t exactly define the term off of the top of your head. When applied correctly, feng shui can promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for you. Curious to learn more about feng shui and how you can apply it to your life? If so, then keep reading.

Feng shui can be defined as a Chinese art form or system of Chinese geomancy where one configures a space and the items within that space in a manner that is believed to harmonize with the spiritual forces that reside there. This system is practiced with the belief that it will bring about good health, success, and happiness for those who share that space. Not only is this a good practice to implement into the layout of your home, but also in your work space. I think we all could agree that we could use a bit more happiness, success, and good health in the office, eh?

Feng Shui Principles Feng shui operates on three main principles: qi energy, the natural elements, and the bagua. First, let’s talk about qi energy. Qi energy is life force, which is ever changing and always in motion. You don’t want to run directly through qi energy, but you do want to allow it to flow gently within your surroundings, as this plays into the positive properties of feng shui. However, when qi energy becomes hung up on something or is blocked from flowing freely throughout your environment it can adversely affect the area. Hindering the ebb and flow of qi can have a negative impact on your space, so you want to refrain from this and, instead, encourage its natural movement and changes.

To create positive energy in your surroundings, feng shui must balance all five of the natural elements within the space. The natural elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The interaction of the elements determines whether they are in a productive or destructive cycle. Each element is represented by specific colors. Using objects of these colors and balancing them accordingly in your space can achieve feng shui, along with all of the positive benefits feng shui has to offer. 

First and foremost, the bagua is a feng shui energy map of your environment, or rather chart that is shaped like a grid used to map out specific areas of life. The bagua is considered by most to be the most complex of the feng shui principles, for it can be defined in two differentiating manners, as there are two feng shui bagua schools:  the classical school and the Western school. Classical bagua is broken up into eight areas that correspond with the eight cardinal directions. By taking a compass reading of your office, you will be able to analyze where to place certain objects and channel energy to achieve the desired effects of feng shui. Listed below are the cardinal directions and the corresponding areas of classical bagua that each direction represents.

Areas of Classical Bagua

Northern: Career

Northeastern: Spiritual Growth

Northwestern: Helpful People

Eastern: Health

Southeastern: Money

Southern: Fame

Southwestern: Love and Marriage

Western: Creativity

The Western school of bagua doesn’t require compass directions and can be achieved by aligning the lower portion of the bagua grid with the wall in your office that contains the front door. A makeshift version of this grid, which includes the areas of life and each area’s corresponding natural element and color, can be viewed in the chart below. 

For beginners of feng shui, try concentrating on applying only one school of bagua at a time in your work space, as applying both at the same time can be quite confusing and, worse, ineffective at achieving feng shui or achieving only weak, minimal results.

Feng Shui Office Colors Colors play a specific role in feng shui as certain colors represent the areas of life taken into consideration with feng shui and, ss previously mentioned, the five natural elements of feng shui can be represented by certain colors. In the chart below, you can see which colors represent each of the natural elements. 

The utilization of these colors via incorporating them into your work environment with a proper balance is the simplest method of promoting good health, happiness, and harmony with feng shui. To do this, place colored items throughout your office in tandem with the color layout of the Western bagua mentioned previously. Here are some tips to achieve feng shui office colors:

Avoid too much white. Overdoing it with white can create a white occurrence that will produce an abundance of cold energy. This can be offset by adding other bursts of color within your office.Think about the colors you enjoy and find items in these hues to place in your office according to the bagua. Green improves your balance of family life and health in the Eastern bagua.Strong yellow encourages joyful gatherings and enjoyable moments when placed in the Southern bagua, which will be great for meetings held within your office.When incorporated into the Western bagua, pure white provides supportive energy for creativity, which can really get those creative juices flowing at work.Consider light patterns in your office when using specific colors if you have windows, as sunlight can cast shadows on certain objects throughout the day and can cause a different feng shui impact from some colors if the lighting changes their hue at different points of the day.Soft or neutral shades can implement a sense of calm, which will come in handy for uneasy conversations or conference calls with co-workers. This can also enable you to better handle various stresses that come up at work.Since black and dark hues are representative of career and social connections, placing these colors in the correct location (according to the bagua) of your office can certainly improve your work life.

In your work environment, placing the number eight on the walls or shelves of your office can be beneficial, considering that the number eight represents business success in feng shui. Positioning the number nine around your office can also bring about positive energy in your office as nine represents wealth, accomplishment, and achieving your goals, all of which are important in your career.

Feng Shui Office Layout When remodeling your office to adhere to the ways of feng shui, you want to be sure to find balance amongst all of your items. It’s not simply adding this color or that number, but rather choosing items of specific colors and/or numbers for their symbolic properties and positioning them properly according to the bagua. In this article, you have learned about feng shui colors, feng shui numbers, and the bagua, which demonstrates the positioning of your items. Reference the feng shui color and number charts to choose items that represent or symbolize the desired area of feng shui energy (perhaps consider those that represent career, wealth, and communication for a feng shui office layout) and follow the bagua for how to position these items to achieve positive energy from feng shui.

Feng Shui Office Desk While you want to have your office as a whole set up according to the principles of feng shui, you can’t forget your desk! Treat your desk as if it’s your own Zen space within your office, an area of productivity but also comfort. A simple way to do this is to envision your desk as a bagua or an energy chart. Choose items of specific colors and numbers to represent the nine areas of life and break your desk up into those segments according to the bagua. By doing this, not only will you have a feng shui office layout, but you will also have a feng shui desk layout, enabling the energy to flow in abundance and promote happiness, success, and good health.

Achieving feng shui in your office may take a bit of time and practice, but it is certainly worthwhile. Good luck to you and your feng shui endeavors! We will be sending positive vibes your way!


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