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How Do You Know If Your Office Is Haunted?

Have you ever wondered if your office or work space is haunted? Surely all of those creaking sounds, the vibrations and the loud “thud” of footsteps when you know no one else is nearby, and that sudden chill you feel as the temperature seems to drop and coldness washes over you, creating goosebumps on your arms and making the hair stand up on the back of your neck, are just figments of your imagination… Right? I mean, ghosts aren’t real and there’s nothing at all to be afraid of when you’re at the office (except for maybe your boss), right? Maybe. But, also, maybe not…

If you suspect your office may be haunted then you have come to the right place! Listed below are some things you can do to help you detect if your office building is haunted or not. Go ahead and kick your feet up on your office desk foot rest and get comfy, or as comfortable as you can with all of those potential ghosts lurking nearby, while you read through this article to help determine if your work space actually is haunted.

1. Talk to your co-workers.      If you have experienced something creepy at work and your work place actually is haunted then chances are that the people you work with have had some strange experiences themselves. I know it can be awkward to discuss a potential haunting with co-workers, especially if you don’t know them very well, but having such a conversation can help you rule out, or confirm, your suspicions of a haunting. You don’t necessarily have to confess that you think your office may be haunted, but you could simply ask if they have ever noticed anything weird happening around the office and see what they say. If they have witnessed anything spooky at work, this would give them an opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts on it, too. If they haven’t had any creepy occurrences, then perhaps it was just your imagination or maybe it’s just you who's haunted, rather than the office building itself.

2. Do a bit of research.      Do you know the history of your office? If not, then it's time to delve into a history lesson about the building you work in. Has anyone ever died in the building? If so, then this could be your answer. Many spirits cling to the location where they died because so much energy is dispersed when a person dies. Because a significant portion of their energy is expelled there, it makes sense as to why so many spirits refuse to leave the place where they died.      

But what about the company itself—has anyone in your company passed away, even if they didn’t die on the premises? If so, it could be that former employee haunting the office. As previously mentioned, spirits cling to areas where they have expelled a significant amount of energy. This theory supports the idea of a disgruntled employee haunting the office because one's place of business is typically a place where they spend a lot of energy. If no one in your company has died and there has never been a death in your office building, look into the history of the area your office building resides in. Perhaps a death had occurred when a previous building stood there, or on the land itself.

3. Be cognizant of your own, personal history. Do weird things seem to always happen to you? Do you sometimes feel like you are being watched or spied on, at work and otherwise? Do you oftentimes feel like a chilly presence has swept over you, leaving you feeling unsettled? If any of this sounds familiar, there is a possibility that you are haunted. If creepy things happen to you at work, it makes sense as to why you'd think your office could be haunted. However, if these spooky occasions occur regularly and outside of the office then it might not be the office that’s haunted. I hate to break it to you, bud, but there’s a good chance that it’s just you who’s being haunted.      Think about your life. Has anyone close to you passed away? Has anyone died who wished ill will towards you or who may have had unfinished business with you? Are you responsible for anyone’s death? Have you ever dabbled with the dark arts, or even just played around with a Ouija board once or twice? Does your family history share a trail of spooky stories or happenings? All of these can be reasons as to why you may be haunted. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may want to seek out the help of a professional who specializes in the paranormal.

4. Check the thermostat.      It’s no secret that a sudden, unexplained drop in the temperature has been associated with ghosts and other paranormal entities. If you have experienced feeling an abrupt chill or sense of coldness wash over you, it very well could have been a spirit looming over you or crossing your path. This is especially true if an unsettling feeling or a sense of dread accompanies the chilliness. If the temperature in your office drops out of nowhere regularly, but shortly returns to normal, taking that uneasy feeling with it, then you just might have an office haunting.    

 If you have access to your office building’s thermostat, take a look at it when the office feels normal and comfortable, then make a note of what the temperature is. Do this for a few days in a row to gauge the average temperature of your work space. Then, whenever you notice a temperature drop or suddenly feel cold, check the thermostat again and make a note of the temperature. If you notice that the temperature has decreased significantly, this could indicate that a ghost is in your office. Cold spots throughout the building can also signify the presence of a spirit in specific locations, so be sure to pay attention to that, as well. It has been theorized that spirits and poltergeists exert energy, which is what allows them to exist in our physical dimension. When present, they sap energy from the area, which can create cold spots and make the temperature drop. Be sure to rule out a co-worker who’s “too hot” that keeps messing with the thermostat, too. You don’t want to mistake “Too Hot for the Office Todd” for something spooky, now do you?

5. Use your nose.      Do you ever notice any putrid scents in the office? (And I’m not talking about Karen’s stinky fish and kale wraps.)? Do you ever recall smelling the scent of sulfur or getting a whiff of rotten eggs while hammering away at your keyboard? Other worldly beings, such as poltergeists, ghosts, and even demons, have been known to be associated with such disgusting scents. If you catch a whiff of something that resembles rotting eggs, and you know there isn’t any week old breakfast entrees nearby, it could be an indicator that you are in the presence of something paranormal.    

A pungent sulfur scent isn’t the only scent that can signify a ghostly presence, though. Some people who claim to have had ghostly experiences say they have smelled the perfume or cologne of the person whose spirit is haunting them or smelled a particular scent that was tied to the person while they were alive (such as the smell of cigarettes or a certain food). If you notice any odd smells that you can’t place, it could be the lingering scent emanating from a spirit.

6. Be realistic and honest with yourself.      First and foremost, you will want to rule out any obvious or reasonable explanations for any odd or spooky occurrences. Do you have thin walls in your office? Is it possible that any weird sounds you have heard were coming from a neighboring office, outside, or from somewhere else in the building where other people might be? Is there any construction being done in your office building or nearby that could be responsible for odd noises, dust, or weird vibrations that could move objects around in your office? Are you quick to scare and tend to jump to spooky conclusions before considering other possibilities? If any of these apply, then there is a strong possibility that your office isn’t haunted. Try to rule out every possible scenario before jumping the gun on making declarations of a haunting. After all, you want people to take you seriously, especially in an office setting, so you will want to be confident about it before swearing that your work place is haunted. If you cry wolf on a haunting once then chances are no one will believe you if you really do encounter a ghost!

If you truly believe your office is haunted, quit speculating about it and find out for sure! These tried and true methods can help you discover if your work environment is being haunted by a malevolent spirit, a friendly spirit, or even the ghost of a disgruntled employee. After all, work can be a drag without any other worldly interference and, once you know if your office is haunted or not, you can finally do something about it. Happy haunting!


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