Increasing Your Sex Life Through Black Moon Lilith

The wild and stunning Black Moon Lilith placement in star charts can be a loving but sensual guide for all signs in guiding their sex lives. Lilith stands up for all the misfits of society, but she can also be a fantastic, untamed woman who needs to have her aggression released through sex and discovery. Lilith invokes all humans' discovery for adventure, breaking the normality of life, and falling into ruts that are too common. Lilith is portrayed as a villain and can come out in destructive ways if portrayed negatively but usually only harms the judge. For Lilith to be a negative aspect says a lot about the society that holds women back to not being able to sew their oats like many men are allowed to without judgment. The first step is to find out what your Black Moon Lilith sign is in your star chart, and there are many handy calculators on the web that can assist with this, which does require the exact birth time.

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