Introducing the Mystic Lily De Rose

Lily De Rose's mystical readings will be a unique experience for all of her clients. Mysticism is usually very abstract, but that will not be the case with Lily's knowledgeable readings. Lily will give reliable and educated answers firmly rooted in years of magickal study and help guide her clients on to their own path of learning. Writing for Pure Journi has exposed Lily to many different magick forms to cover all energy work bases and work with all energies. Being a jill-of-all-trades allows her to understand many human and magick dynamics and apply these forms of magick to each client. A large part of a reading with Lily will be discovering the magickal powers and guidance into aspects of magick, or the craft Lily believes her clients will benefit from in their own lives. Since Lily has studied many different magick types, she will find the ritual and aspects that work best for the prospective client. As a senior content writer, the role was a meant-to-be situation that has allowed Lily to live her best life. Her main goal and hope are to guide all of her clients into finding harmony in their career, energy, and magick.

Lily De Rose studied witchcraft and the occult since she was young, venturing on a path set for her by the universe with an innate draw to magick. At 12 years old, Lily learned her first energy channeling and knew right away it was her calling to learn as much as she could and then share it with the world. Lily has studied many magick forms, so any doctrine or methodology does not rule her, and she knows everything has its soul magick. Lily will guide the reading in the best dynamic for the individual’s energy, natal chart, and comfort level with magick and the occult. Recommendations may be a form of magick or even where the power is guiding towards a pragmatic solution since the world’s magick encompasses the foundation's reading.

In her own words:

Hi, my name is Lily De Rose, and I am a witch who discovered my abilities early on in my Maiden period. I am a witch, sage, mystic, and writer always searching for the tree of knowledge. I have been doing intuitive tarot to gain a more in-depth insight into the future for many years, and my most enormous goal is to help other magick beings with the same awakening. I am a lightworker that channels the darker goddesses for my protection. I am a sensualist, magickal writer, and sex magician who practices light and shadow work, among many other magick forms. I have a deep passion for astrology, tarot, and oracle cards, but I have become fluent and study all divination tools. I have an Earth/Water dominant natal chart with a lot of Air in their too, so I can be practical, flexible, and intuitive.

Lily De Rose has a natural entuned nature to the world that has become very powerful since she is moving into her Pisces North Node.

Services Offered

The first reading Lily is offering is the Futurecast. This reading is a future prediction that looks into the future on any aspect clients want to regard in their lives through the tarot or oracle card deck used as divination tools. The tarot and Oracle can give insight into what the future will look like for a specific event and even help prepare for What attitude and belief system needs to correlate to this event. Having a future cast with Lily doing a reading will help the client understand the event from every angle. The best part about a future cast is that it allows us to prepare for an event in the future. The Futurecast would be excellent reading for an unsure promotion or a relationship to see where it is going.

The Astrocast is a similar process but based on astrology reading instead of divination tools to tell a future issue and prepare for it. The Astrocast is based more on the personality factors that will go into the decisions and what obstacles may resolve astrology. The reading updates the astrology to the future goals and correlations to the person's natal chart that hopefully has already been established. There is a background in understanding the self astrology. Lily will quickly go over the natal chart and correlate it to any planets coming up during a future event. This reading will not be a full natal chart reading and instead focus on future planet transits and how that may affect plans in correlation to the client's natal chart. The Astrocast would be excellent reading for wedding planning or a career change. The Ask a Witch reading is a little bit more of a goal-setting plan and a more hypothetical reading instead of planning for a future event. Ask a witch is similar to the Futurecast and planning for a future event, but it's also asking how to make something happen that may not be in the immediate future. Ask a witch allows the client to ask Lily anything they would like to send to get a response back regarding the card's message.

The Spread Wide Open tarot or oracle spread is a reading with a tailored spread to help with one significant aspect of the client's life. The Wide Open reading can be a spread summing up the whole career life or love life of a client to understand the past to move forward to the future. The spread can also focus on past questions that the client hopes to get more clarification on, like a sudden breakup or loss in life. The open reading helps the client understand their life and the energy surrounding them for protection and growth. The Wide Open spread would be useful reading for family planning or to understand strained personal relationships.

The Natal Chart reading will deep dive into the client's personality and help them understand themselves a little bit better. The natal chart is a great beginning reading for a client and will focus on certain parts of their chart since the Natal Chart can be a vital system to process and understand for the self. It is best to go into this reading to understand the most critical aspects of the personality to learn about first. The natal chart reading is essential for those who do not know their full chart, and it is best to do this before an Astrocast reading to get more in-depth knowledge. The Natal Chart reading will include a copy of the chart so the client can use it as a great tool to look back on and get a profound understanding of how they work as an individual personality in the universe.

The Mystic and Healer part of Pure Journi will help integrate the knowledge we wish to share with the world into every client who wishes to work with us on the Journi. We want our readers and clients to grow in every aspect of their magick, and offering the readings will be a hands-on approach to help you all grow. I want to share my knowledge and healing experience in the magickal arts with my fellow beings and beautiful readers and clients. Here is an excellent place for me to start this mystical Journi.

Lily is thinking of adding Mentoring and Applying Practical Magick. What other readings would you like to see Lily add, and would you be interested in Mentorship?

Check out the new service for the Mystics and Healers on the Pure Journi website and learned more about our new services like tarot, oracle, ancestor readings and so much more.

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