Introducing the Mystic Mimi Curry

Mimi Curry is a New Orleans-based Mystic who does readings on the infamous French Quarter. She has decades of experience in spiritual services, and her gifts have allowed her to help hundreds with readings, healings, ancestral work, and much more. Mimi's magickal work has gained her a loyal following of clients that Mimi has helped live more robust and better lives. She is waiting to serve your needs and available for the services below. Book a session with Mimi today!

Mimi will be doing intricate readings that include tarot, past life, couples, mediumship/ancestor work, and energy healing/consultation. The consultation with Mimi will focus on the energy work that can do with the client's healing of love, trauma, uncrossing, money, or protection. The consultation will be a full spiritual life coaching to the client, and Mimi will help give peace and balance to the client's magickal life.

Pure Journi readers met Mimi when she appeared in season one of the Series of Witches, the new Pure Journi series highlighting witches across the US. The New Orleans witches’ feature explained that Mimi had developed her gifts through a lifetime as a witch and born as a hereditary witch through a long line of witches. Right away, her talents showcase in the series showing how powerful a witch Mimi is and what skills she brings to her magickal practice. Mimi will be taking on clients who want to better themselves and find healing in their energy work.

Mimi will be doing tarot readings to explore her client’s past, present, and future with the famous divination cards. In the tarot spreads, Mimi will address any client’s needs regarding life path or plans.

The past life readings Mimi will be doing will be an expertly guided dive into the past life of her clients. Mimi can help discover who her client was in a past life and what that means for this life.

The couple's readings Mimi will go into with clients has to do with the compatibility between two beings. In the couple's readings, Mimi will also develop into the partnership’s future, giving insight into a wedding or other love-based plans.

One of the most exciting parts, in my opinion, is Mimi's services on ancestor/ mediumship readings which will divulge into getting in touch with loved ones that have passed and using me to help bring closure or piece into lost loved ones. The ancestor and mediumship work can also develop into the guardian surrounding us and help us be in better connection with those watching over us.

Mimi will also be doing energy healing work, helping her clients heal their energy and remove any blocks preventing growth and success. Energy healing would be an excellent service for those who have felt blocked energy-wise or feel like something negative is hanging over their energy.

Mimi is an experienced healer and energy worker, so a booking with her could also include consultations on healing work. The talks can be beneficial for those who already have strong skills but need the extra boost in whatever services best fit their needs. Mimi will work hand in hand with the practitioners to discover what is lacking or what needs work on within the client’s life to serve their magickal needs best.

Pure Journi is very excited to work with a psychic and witch as high of a caliber as Mimi Curry and bring her New Orleans power to our clients and readers. She will bring a touch of New Orleans to our site, and we are excited to see where the future goes for the Pure Journi Mystics and Healers with the help of Mimi Curry.

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