Last Minute Christmas/Yule Gifts for the Witch of the Family

Last-minute gifts for a new witch can be easier to think of since they may need all the essentials for their alters or sacred practice. It can be a lot more difficult for the more seasoned witch to know what they need, and you may be asking yourself, "what do you get the witch that has everything." Here is a guide to help all witches practice their craft and some creative gifts to help conjure gift ideas for the well-equipped witch.

First is the fantastic Phases of the Moon Wood Crystal Shelf by Pure Journi featured in the shop. It's unique and beautiful and looks stunning when hung up on a wall, and all the witchy tools can fit on its open-top design. Pure Journi also offers excellent deals on incense, crystals, crystal stands, sage, gift cards, wands, stones, and magick spell bags. Check out the unboxing below, where I explore the fantastic items I ordered from the site. The triple moon sphere stand is my favorite because it is beautiful and brings elegance to my altar, and I cannot stop staring at this beautiful piece. Just added to the site is a gorgeous blue spell bag filled with hand-picked stones for calming and protection. The incense sold by Pure Journi is magickal and fills a room with so much witch inspiration that it will be hard not to purchase every scent to try them all once.

A gift certificate from the amazing Minx + Muse would be perfect for a witch who wants to gain more knowledge about the craft’s feminine side and get a workout on. Minx + Muse is a beautiful studio that offers witch infused dance classes and witchy experiences even if you're not in the city of Austin, Texas, their home base. The virtual class selection is impressive as it is so valuable for a witch or even those just seeking creative, empowering fitness classes. There is a virtual coven every Wednesday night, so this is a great place to learn more witchy skills and be apart of a fantastic coven of witches. Burn Baby, Burn is a high cardio class on Saturday mornings and is a great workout to turn a week of stress into an empowered release to get the funk out and enjoy the weekend. Minx + Muse Moon club on Monday nights, on the other hand, is a detailed dive into the astrological forecast of the week ahead so all witches can be ready to tackle whatever the planets decide to throw at them. Minx + Muse has classes for all types of witches and will become a vital part of any witches practice.

Another great idea for any witch would be a tarot reading, a natal chart reading, or a yearly transit to know what is in store for their magick within the next year. 2020 was a challenging year for many and may have even caught the most seasoned witch off-guard. Astrological and tarot reading is valuable to all witches since they can give insight into the self’s inner workings that sometimes can be blinded when doing readings themselves. A few of my favorite practitioners have excellent services for whatever the witch hopes to gain insight into for 2021. My guide Tara Valkyrie has outstanding services on her site, from natal chart readings to transit guidance. Tara also does many types of readings at the Minx and Muse witch house. Tara is a fantastic astrologist, and she gives rare insight into a chart while also showing compassion and humor at what the stars like to do to each of us through our transits. The other readers in the Minx + Muse witch-house are excellent, and all have fierce goddess energy encompassing any insight that wishes to be explored through different readings to usher in the new witchy year. It is a great way to start the year by making sure the witch in your life is taking care of themselves in their mind and spirit.

Devi Letalis pictured with Cinnamon Panther Jewelry taken by Tanja

Every witch loves a gorgeous piece of jewelry to show off the elegant but fantastical side of themselves. When I think of fantasy and magick, all I can think of is the most magickal jewelry from the fantastic Devi Letalis with her business Cinamon Panther. Devi makes handmade jewelry in Austria that is as divine as the universe itself. She makes tiaras, bracelets, headdresses, earrings, and so much more. Supporting small businesses and women-owned crafters is critical because they do hand-make their jewelry and put so much love into each creation while also empowering more women into the world of self-made business. I have seen firsthand that my friend Devi spend nights awake, ensuring that her products are beautiful and useful to dancers and artists alike. Witches deserve a stunning piece they can put on during a ritual and feel like the witches of lore conjuring their spells and feel the magick course through their veins.

Some other great witchy themed beauty companies are great for witch products but practical for everyday use. Witch Baby Soap is a company that makes beautiful handcrafted soap and bath products crafted by a witch for witches and those who also enjoy fantastic soap. Each bar of soap has a beautiful message and theme to inspire the inner witch while also taking care of the outer body Witch, I Love Your Hair is another company that makes excellent beauty products with witches in mind. Witch made is guaranteed to mean the products all feel and smell very good, made with the best ingredients. The potion creator of Witch, I Love Your Hair, conjured up her product after not finding the holistic products healthy for her body that also helped tamed her frizzy hair. Seeing witches make their dreams come true with their handcrafted creations is a joy to any witch, and anyone would love to receive products from these unique brands.

Supporting local witch shops and apothecaries are a good idea for those lucky witches and purchasers who live close to a magick shop. Any witch would love a tapestry of intention candle from their local witch shop, and for the newer witches, you could pick up a tarot deck or oracle card set. Maybe even the well-established witch may still want one since it is a law that no witch can have too many divination decks. A good idea for the witch that may not have shops near them is making purchases on Etsy for spell items and herbs. Specific spell items and herbs can be challenging for most witches to come by in towns that are not as witch friendly. Etsy is a great tool to buy from crafters making witchy and spell creation kits to help those witches out.

Holding up our small-business friends and family that are trying to do a side hustle is the best thing to do during the holidays and especially during the pandemic were facing right now. Small businesses are the ones that are suffering during this crazy time, and corporations are the ones that are going to be able to be there on the other side of this pandemic. Support a unique brand that a person has put blood, sweat, and tears into, and the witch who holds these gifts in their hand or heart will most definitely feel that energy. This Yule or Christmas should be about giving a valuable and useful contribution to the loved witch in your life since they got through this year and deserve to be pampered mind, body, and spirit from that accomplishment.

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