Minx + Muse: The Future of Witchy Studios

Minx + Muse dance studio is leading the way in the witchy world, being both a coven and a dance studio for its members in the Austin, Tx community. In my experience, it is one of the best studios I have ever visited. It is a coven, a witch family, and also a fantastic place to learn sensual dance. They have multiple types of classes, but they all center around empowerment and sensuality. The studio classes centered around empowering femininity through erotic dance have built a following of women who have accepted and opened up parts of themselves once though impossible to embrace. In turn, Minx + Muse has loyalty from its patrons near and far since even though coven members may have left the Austin area, they are still apart of the coven.

Minx + Muse studio is welcoming to all those who wish to learn erotic and sensual empowerment dance. It just so happens to be a very female-identifying centered home. Even so, there are some very woke men taking these empowering classes as well. For all purposes, I will be using the femininity aspect with no offense to the non-binary or masculine energies that encompass the space as well, from time to time. After devastating events in their lives like breakups or life upheavals like moving to a new area, women seem to flock to the culture and family this studio has created. I can say from experience as I found this studio after both scenarios personally.

Every town should have a studio like Minx + Muse that empowers and heals the community’s women while also building a coven similar to this studio. Incredibly, every single member seems to feel the same way I do about this remarkable space. Being involved in magick and the craft is not a requirement, but many women gain a newfound interest almost immediately in the studio’s spiritual side. Those who go to Minx + Muse who have never been interested in witchcraft quickly find the correlation between the craft and staying in touch with their sensual feminine energy. Classes like Polecraft and Softcore Stretch bring a sexy but new vibe to the sexual fused dancing without vilifying sexuality.

Newcomers do not realize that they will fall in love with the erotic and esoteric dance and may even judge the form of dance negatively before they try it. After a few classes, they quickly may find themselves immediately hooked. The classes at Minx + Muse get members in touch with their bodies, possibly unlike anything that has ever been in their lives before. For example, I have taken dance classes for years, and I've never felt so confident in my body as I do after visiting Minx + Muse.

Minx + Muse has recently added the new service of metaphysical readings and the mystical workshops in the just built Witch House, fully rounding out their status as the most well-rounded witch destination in the Texas Hill Country. This studio is changing how dance studios are run and how women can create a coven and safe space for many witches of all different interests.

I will be interviewing the owner Crimson in a later article getting Insight from her on how she's built and marketed such an amazing studio. This studio is so popular that many of the in-person classes sell out quickly. Crimson also supports other studios in the Austin community. She encourages sharing her amazing teachers with other studios creating loyalty in those teachers and a community of like-minded dance studios. This has also built a positive network of supportive dance studios and other like-minded businesses. Minx + Muse has a scheduled weekly coven night, and this night has featured people from the Austin community from the Austin Seance society to local brujas and fortune readers. Near and far, witches feel a part of this coven, creating a safe space for practice.

This article highlighted a special place that has been a saving grace when I needed a community of friends and opened up to new dance styles. This could also be a call to inspire others to seek a place like Minx + Muse or form one in their own community. There could be nothing better for a confidence boost. Minx + Muses' formed a community of witches over different channels like in-person classes, virtual offerings, and a social media site exclusive to the studio. Now with in-house readings, every aspect of feminine development is being nurtured near and far.

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