The Solitary Witches Guide to Finding a Coven

Finding a coven is one of the most empowering experiences of a witch and can turn a life long solitary practitioner into a group loving witch at the first meeting. It is the feeling of finally finding a home to practice magic and a group of people you feel entirely supported by in the magical journey. A coven can be a large group of witches or a small intimate group that could study similar magical paths or many different styles. There are no rules. It is just for a witch to learn more about themselves and their magic through shared experiences. It is not a required step since many witches can practice as a sole practitioner for years before they ever find a coven. I had that experience on my journey where I searched and searched but did not find my coven until it happened by accident. Hopefully, this guide will help all the solitary witches out there who wish to find a coven take steps to find their home.

Finding a Coven can be such an amazing experience for a witch or person who studies into witchcraft and mysticism

The first step to find a coven is research, which includes researching the most unlikely places to find a coven, like dance studios, community centers, art galleries, and bookstores. Discovery can sometimes be simple as just looking up local covens and which groups practice in your hometown. Also, expanding that search to an area outside of your local town can be worth it, especially if there's a large city a little bit out the way but not too far to be able to get to for monthly meetings. Who knows what may come of venturing to a new city and you may discover new friends you may have not ever met, expanding your social circle into new territory. There may be witches in the coven that live near you, and they can be your new carpool buddies.

The second step would be to research a coven even farther out into another state or country since many magic centered classes have had to go online during the pandemic. Social media can be an excellent resource for finding a coven, especially when searching the hashtag coven, witches, or witches in your respective city/state. Once you discover a group that you feel connects with your soul, you should rejoice and jump in with enthusiasm. If you do not, it is okay to be picky and admit if you're not connecting with the group of witches and move on to find a group that speaks to your magical side. Put your needs first and gracefully step away and realize that it might not be your family. Trying out different classes and different magic classes will be the best way to find your coven, even virtually.

A coven is a great tool for a witch since by opening themselves up to the group they will learn new things about themselves and their magic

The next step in finding the right magical home is to put yourself out there and be open to new experiences. Metaphysical shops are a great place to start to talk to the person behind the counter, asking if they have or know of any classes nearby that teach about the craft. Finding a coven this way could mean taking a workshop you never thought you would or studying a part of a magical skill that is foreign to you but something you always were interested in to learn more. I have always been a dancer, so I found my coven through dance classes and took some that I wouldn't have opened myself up to before. I then discovered a fantastic group of witches that speak my language and have taught me even more about myself and my magic.

The final step would be to embrace the coven and embrace the fact that you have found these witches at a significant time in your life, so learn all you can from experience. You must open yourself up to the learning and try to gain everything you can from the group since who knows how long you will have with the coven, people are always moving on, and life is about flexibility. Opening yourself up means interacting and keeping frequent contact with the coven through events (online in the current sphere), taking classes, and participating in social activities online and in person. If you're not able to keep up on the contact, make sure you're reading any material that the coven provides to learn new things about your magic and the tools the coven offers to its members. If you are not feeling the interaction, then maybe step away and realize you're not ready for a coven, and that's okay too. One will come into your life when you're ready.

Cast alone or in a coven, either way your journey will grow with study and dedication

Finding a coven can be one of the most beautiful steps in the journey of Witchcraft, but it is not always required. Being a solitary practitioner works for many witches who can level up their abilities through this process and never need anyone to assist. For others, it can feel like the most remarkable new rebirth of their powers, and they will wonder why or how they ever live without one before. These steps may guide some to a coven. For that, I am honored. For others, it might not be the right time or space for that coven experience, so give it time and have patience. The right group will come to you in time.

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