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Top 10 Creative Office Design Ideas

When it comes to decorating your office, the possibilities are endless. You want to remain professional, but you also want to add your own personal touch to allow your personality to shine. If you are thinking about remodeling your office or would just like to spruce it up a bit, you may want to consider the following office design ideas.

Zen Office Décor

When you hear the word Zen, what comes to mind? Relaxation. And where do you probably need to feel most relaxed, but rarely do? At the office. It’s no secret that work can be daunting and stressful. Create a calming aura around your work space by adding in some Zen office décor, such as a Zen garden. Desktop Zen gardens not only will look great on your desk, but will also give you something to admire and fiddle with on those long days at work. You can draw designs or rake across the sand of your Zen garden during a long conference call, giving your hands something to do while you are actively listening to the discussion at hand. If your place of employment will allow it, candles can also be incredibly relaxing and aromatic in the office. Small plants (succulents, bamboo, Aloe Vera plants, etc.), or even large plants (ferns, potted trees, etc.) if you have enough room, can add to the Zen atmosphere of your work space while also pumping more oxygen into the room, and who doesn’t need to breathe easier at work from time to time. Adding a footrest under your desk is another way to make you feel more Zen and will provide you with comfort and relaxation while at work in addition to countless health benefits.

Cute Office Décor While you don’t want to be too cutesy at work, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding some adorable knickknacks or wall art in your office! Cute office décor can come in a variety of items, such as a calendar with cute baby animals, fun memo pads or post it notes (perhaps with endearing pictures, colors, or polka dots on it), cute curtains if you have a window in your office, or a charming pen holder of in the design of your favorite animal or character, just to name a few. You could even toss in a small, cute stuffed animal or plush character to sit on your desk, the possibilities are endless! Plus, it will be hard to stay angry during a particularly rough day at work when you are surrounded by cute things in your office!

Cubicle Décor Decorating a cubicle can be a little trickier, as you don’t have a whole lot of space to work with. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate it to suit your tastes! You won’t be able to hang frames with nails on a cubicle wall, but you absolutely can hang up smaller and lighter photos, banners, and posters with thumbtacks! Cubicles tend to have ample amounts of desk space, so get crafty with your desk trinkets and consider displaying some frames on your desk, too! You can also add some comfort to your cubicle with a soft cushioned footrest under your desk, which will allow your feet and legs to relax while improving circulation in your lower limbs.

Office Wall Décor The walls of your office are the perfect place to add some fabulous décor! You can add a myriad of wall art in your office, such as personal pictures (family photos, pet photos, photos of friends, etc.), office photos (pictures with co-workers, photos depicting the history of your company, pictures from company events, etc.) posters (movie posters, motivational posters, posters of cute animals, etc.), cool artwork from a local artist, paintings, curtains (for a real window or to create a false window), framed degrees and certifications (college degrees, diplomas, awards, certifications, plaques, etc.), a nice clock, and more! You do want to be sure not to have too many pieces littering your office walls, though, otherwise it could look cluttered and unprofessional.

Office Shelf Décor Office shelves are a great place to add some décor and show off some of your favorite personal items. Trophies, awards, picture frames, knickknacks, small statues or accents, vases filled with fake or fresh flowers, potted plants, a display of a collection (such as a coin, stamp, or bobble head collection), and sports or club memorabilia items are just several examples of things you can adorn your office shelves with for great office décor.

Small Office Ideas A quaint office will look too cluttered if you overdo it with too many baubles and decorations. If you have a tiny office or a limited amount of space where you can decorate you should be on the lookout for smaller décor items and artwork that measures around 8x10 inches or smaller so they won’t take up too much room and will give you a larger area to work with. You also want to take comfort into consideration, and what better way to take a load off at work than to prop your feet up? A great way to do this is with a footrest, which won’t take up too much space, even in a small office, as it will set under your desk and out of sight. You can pick up a comfortable, cost efficient footrest on Amazon.

Desk Décor Sure, wall art will look great in your office, but what about your desk? You don’t want to have your walls adorned with great décor while your desk lays bare and boring, do you? I didn’t think so. Bring some of your favorite photos from home and put them in cute frames so you can bring a little bit of home to the office. If you want your desk to be inviting to other co-workers, perhaps you could set out a nice candy dish on your desk for you and your co-workers to snack on throughout the day. Another great idea to help make your desk more visually appealing is to get some desk trinkets. For unique, whimsical desk trinkets, check out the “desk trinket” section of Marshall Arts by MJ on Etsy.

Office Decoration Items Office decoration items can be as cookie cutter or as eclectic as you’d like them to be! Just make sure you take the general vibe of your office into consideration when you choose your office décor items. If your work place is strict and hyper professional, you may want to stray away from anything too zany. On the flip side, if your office has more of a chill vibe and creativity is encouraged then fill your space with as many funky things as your little heart desires (within reason, of course). When you plan your decoration purchases, think about things to hang on the wall, items to put on shelves, décor for your desk, organizational décor, and personal items (photographs, artwork from your kids, mementos you hold dear, etc.).

Professional Office Décor Professional office décor will give your office a true business vibe and will give your space a higher end feel. Professional decoration items can include (but aren’t limited to) a nice set of pens in a posh pen holder, a display of your achievements (certificates, degrees, plaques, awards, trophies, etc.), statues or busts of people and icons who have been influential to you, tasteful photographs (perhaps historical photos of your office building, photos of you or your kids graduating college/high school in a cap and gown, appropriate pictures from company events and parties), high end office supplies, and classy paintings or other artwork from renowned artists (such as a painting done by Picasso or Monet).

Office Art Décor Do you have a favorite artist or artists whose work inspires you? If so, incorporating their work into your office décor would be a great idea! Not only will you enjoy seeing an art piece created by one of your favorite artists while you drill away at your desk, but you will also glean inspiration from this piece that can help fuel you to the finish line of your work day. Whether it’s a painting, poster, sculpture, desk trinket, etcetera, having something in your office from a preferred artist is a surefire way to boost your mood during work. Don’t forget to consider adding a piece from a local artist, as well!

You will want to upkeep a professional aura in your office, but you also want it to be inviting and somewhere you will enjoy spending your time. Be sure to check your employee handbook or ask your supervisor before making any drastic changes to the space (such as painting the walls or hammering in nails) to ensure you are allowed to decorate as you see fit and are aware of any rules or restrictions your office may have in concern with office décor. However, once you’ve been given the green light, go nuts! Your work space is where a significant portion of your time will be spent, so make it somewhere you want to be and dress it up in a way that reflects the mission and vibe of your office, yet also includes your own personal flare. Happy decorating!

About the Author: My name is Mandy Meyer and I am a freelance writer and crafter from the Cincinnati, OH area. I am engaged to a wonderful man and am proud to be the step-mom of our two wonderful children. I love doing just about anything creative and am always game to get my hands dirty, whether it's in paint, glitter, various crafts supplies, or even mud from playing in the rain and jumping in puddles with my family. I am a recent college graduate who enjoys writing in all genres and creating a variety of fun, unique gifts for all ages. To check out my handmade items, please visit Marshall Arts By MJ, my Etsy shop.


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