Inca White Sage Brazilian Incense - Handmade Infused With The Magick Of Nature.  Strong cleansing for your home, office, or any space needing a new start.


This incense is amazing for preparing your space for your craft.


These sticks are made by hand and infused with the Magick by the artisans who make them and can only be found within South America's Rainforests. Magick is strong there, and so are these Aroma Incense sticks.


Quantity: 4 sticks in every pack.


These are remarkable incense sticks. If you have never tried them, I highly recommend them.


The Inca Incense sticks are made with White Breu Gum Resin that is extracted from the Almacega Tree of the Amazon Rainforest. the tree is never harmed in the process.


These are extremely high-quality incense sticks. They burn strong and even for hours. 



  1. Light the tip of the incense stick and get it going. The White Breu Resin will cover the tip, so you have to burn through that first for the incense to catch.
  2. Watch it for a few minutes to make sure that a good strong smoke trail is emitted from the stick.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the scent or prepare your space for your Magickal work.

Inca White Sage Brazilian Incense - Handmade Infused With The Magick Of Nature

SKU: Inca-Aromas-WhiteSage

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