Labradorite New Moon Wishing Spheres For Intentions And 3rd Eye Vision

You Are Ordering:  (1) Labradorite New Moon Wishing Sphere Medium (about 2.5”)


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Ready to dream big? Then these beautiful and dazzling Labradorite New Moon Wishing Spheres are exactly what you need. Each of these spheres is gorgeous and alive with fire, flash, and that labradorite chatoyant quality. Labradorite is the gemstone of new beginnings, hope, and imagination. These magical labradorite are of top-notch quality.


The deeper magic of these Labradorite New Moon Wishing Spheres

Labradorite really shines when it comes to new beginnings and helps you go after your heart’s desires. This stone has brilliant fiery flashes of color that sparkle from its darkness. Like The Hermit in the Tarot, labradorite helps light your path to see your way through challenges.


Associated with the New Moon, it embodies potential and is a great tool to work with when setting new moon intentions. Labradorite activates the Third Eye Chakra, opening your senses, enhancing vision, and making it possible to see the world fully as it is around you.


Spheres radiate energy in all directions – above, below, and toward all four sacred directions. Wherever you place yours, it will fill that entire space with its energy.


It is recommended to work with your labradorite sphere at the new moon. Close your eyes and envision your deepest dreams. At the new moon, you don’t need to know how it will all happen or turn out, you just need to ignite the flame and allow things to begin!


This listing is for one (1) Labradorite New Moon Wishing Sphere Medium (about 2.5”).

Labradorite New Moon Wishing Spheres For Intentions And 3rd Eye Vision


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