Medium Tumbled Tiger’s Eye For Harmonious Courage, Counsel, And Protection

You Are Ordering:  (1) tumbled tiger’s eyes stones (about 1-2.5″).



These potent tumbled tiger’s eye stones bring wisdom, courage, protection, discernment, and the ability to see ahead.  It is your companion in difficult moments –  a stone to be consulted for wisdom and direction, much like the goddess Athena was in ancient times. Historically, tiger’s eye stones have been used as talismans against curses and because of their powerful balancing properties, are now a benefit to those suffering from anxiety.


The magic of these tumbled tiger’s eye stones

Tiger’s eye resonates with all three lower Chakras– Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus. There are not many stones that have metaphysical properties like this. What is coming? And how do you need to prepare for it? Shamans, healers, priestesses, and circle keepers, work with the tiger’s eye as a magical tool for their sacred work.


These tumbled tiger’s eye stones are an essential staple for any collection and will quickly become one of your workhorse stones. These stones are your go-to and what you can count on for the real and serious magical work I do. You should never be without a  Tiger's Eye. And in this easy to care form, you can take your tiger’s eye with you, allowing its medicine to constantly come in contact with your skin.


Remember that life is a paradox, and if you need help accepting this fact, these tiger’s eye stones are the offering for you.


This listing is for one (1) tumbled tiger’s eyes stones about 1-2.5″ in size. 

Medium Tumbled Tiger’s Eye For Harmonious Courage, Counsel, And Protection


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