Merlinite Sphere Stand, Mystic Merlinite For Protection And A Powerful Awakening For Your Psychic Gifts


You Are Ordering:  Small (about 1-1.5”) or Medium (about 1.5-2”)



These Merlinite Sphere Stands are a magical way to magnify the properties of your gemstone spheres or eggs and infuse them with merlinite’s Third Eye-opening and protective energy. These stands were carved from merlinite, or indigo gabbro, a crystal that helps you call in what you seek. If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful way to display your spheres and bring more into your sacred space, this is your offering.


The deeper magic of these Merlinite Sphere Stands

Merlinite is a gem of the Indigo Ray. It activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras to bring you into contact with your inner knowing, your priestess self, and all your spirit guides. Merlinite is known as the Wizard’s Stone because it has the power to invoke deep magic. If you wish to awaken your psychic gifts and connect with spiritual beings across the veil, this is your stone. Merlinite is also protective and shields you from psychic attacks.


Sphere stands create a safe space for your precious gems. Spheres radiate energy in all directions – above, below, and toward all four sacred directions. Wherever you place yours, it will fill that entire space with its energy. These sphere stands are also ideal to hold gemstone eggs, which symbolize fertility, rebirth, and abundance.


Work with these Merlinite Sphere Stands as companions to your gemstone spheres.


This listing is for one (1) Merlinite Sphere Stand. Small (about 1-1.5”) and Medium (about 1.5-2”)

Merlinite Sphere Stands For Protection And Awakening Your Psychic Gifts


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