You are buying: (1) abalone shell (about 5-6”)



These natural abalone shells are the real thing! They radiate a naturally blue color. If you’re an energy worker, healer, priestess, or someone only looking to infuse their space with a little extra magic, this offering is for you. These abalone shells make the perfect altarpieces and help you beautifully honor and evoke the magic of Water and the nurturing, compassionate, and fluid energy that this element holds.


The Deeper Magic of These Abalone Shells

Within our sacred space, every element needs to have representation. We honor the element of Earth with gemstones, Air with incense and smudge bundles, and Fire with candles – and the magic of Water is brought forth with these mystical abalone shells.


Water is a pure yin, or feminine, element. It expresses itself as nurturing, protective, caring, and comforting. Water is also a true free spirit. When we evoke this element, we call in incredible healing energy, acknowledge and honor the cycles of life, and connect deeply with our own emotional body.


There are so many ways to work with these abalone shells. Use yours as a heat-proof dish to burn your sacred smudging herbs, incense, or place your gemstones and sacred jewelry upon yours to infuse them with the sacred magic of Water. These abalone shells will transform any altar or space into one that is truly magical to behold – You will love the enchantment and power that they bring.


This offering is for one (1) abalone shell (about 5-6”).

Natural Abalone Shells For Housing Herbs, Cleansing, Incense, And Magic Rituals


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