Natural Black Tourmaline High-Grade Showpiece - Powerful Protection, Promotes Good Health, Grounding, and Calming. This stone is a powerful (KO) knockout for Spiritual Vampires. 




You are buying 1 Natural Black Tourmaline High-Grade Showpiece (Length 6.5" x Width 3.5")


This tumbled black tourmaline is a powerful protective, grounding, and yet gentle, comforting stone. If you want to feel spiritually safe while you are out of your home, then you will want to carry this stone with you everywhere you go.  This stone is like having magnified protection and who doesn’t need that? Great showpiece for your fireplace mantle, office, and home decor. 


The deeper Magick of Black Tourmaline

This is a fantastic tool for offering psychic protection in stressful environments, especially from energy vampires. Use these stones to clear your auric field, and to rid yourself of negative thoughts and anxiety, resentment, self-judgment, and doubt, or feelings of worthlessness. Meditate are this stone and feel your inner spirit gain back its strength and control.

Natural Black Tourmaline High Grade Showpiece - Protection, Grounding, Calm


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