Polished Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror for Shadow Work and Divination - A must-have tool for any witch, healer, or spiritualist.


You are buying 1 Black Obsidian Polished Scrying Mirror (about 4”).


These Obsidian Scrying Mirrors are powerful and sacred tools to add to your divination practice. Scrying is a practice that dates back to ancient times and practiced by many cultures, including the Mesoamericans. Individuals would scry to look into past lives and to receive messages on present and future events. Scrying mirrors reveal the deepest mysteries and secrets of the universe. Working with these tools can enhance clairvoyant abilities, opening you to hidden knowledge waiting to be explored. These scrying mirrors are carved out of black obsidian, a stone of protection and grounding. If you’re ready to deepen your spiritual practice and access deeper wisdom and knowledge, these mirrors are your guide.


The deeper Magick of Obsidian Scrying Mirrors

Black obsidian activates the lower chakras, in particular the Root Chakra, and is a stone of cleansing and healing. It forms a shield of protective energy that abates and absorbs negative frequencies and blocks any psychic attack attempts. Black obsidian creates a clear channel and space for you to move and flow without obstruction. It heals tears in the auric fields, heals body, mind, and spirit, and clears your sacred space. Black obsidian is a grounding stone that’s also an excellent ally for mourning and letting go.


Scrying mirrors were used by the people of ancient Mexico to travel the world of the gods and ancestors. By gazing into a mirror’s smoky depth, shamans and sorcerers were able to peer into and access information not gained or easily available in the physical realm. The obsidian scrying mirror was associated with the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, whose name translates to “smoking mirror.” He was the god of the night and its creatures, including the jaguar, which he was most associated with. It was believed that this incredible spirit animal was capable of crossing between the physical earth realm and the underworld. Additionally, scrying mirrors were famously used by Nostradamus to predict future events.


Work with one of these Obsidian Scrying Mirrors to access the well of wisdom waiting within you, as you ground in the truth of the information received. Allow the messages to come to you, trusting that you are guided, protected, and supported.

Polished Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror for Shadow Work and Divination


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