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Do you find yourself shedding energetic and emotional skin? Are you releasing old ways of being and doing? If so, these Kambaba Jasper Snake Carvings are your talisman to support you in that process.


Kambaba jasper is the Divine Masculine in stone form. It invokes and enhances all the masculine qualities, like assertiveness, action, independence, adventure, logic, and protection. This crystal is strong and grounding and acts as a warrior and teacher. It’s also a great ally in the shamanic journey and a source of ancient wisdom and medicine.


Kambaba jasper is a stone of success and triumph – perfect to work with when you just need a win. And when paired with the snake spirit animal, these pieces are the perfect tools to work with during times of transformation, helping you heal, ground, and feel protected.


The deeper magic of these Kambaba Jasper Snake Carvings

Kambaba jasper comes from Africa and is difficult to find. It’s considered one of the few shaman’s stones that maintains safety and good boundaries during ritual and journey work. Shamans work with Kambaba jasper because it takes you to a deeper state of meditation easily. It holds ancient, medicinal, ceremonial energy. Kambaba jasper is connected to the Divine Masculine, a perfect balance for those like myself who work a great deal with feminine energy.


This Root Chakra stone protects, heals, grounds, balances, eases fear, and mends broken hearts and spirits. It also helps you integrate experience and wisdom and reminds you of who you truly are.


Snake shares the gifts of transformation, rebirth, depth, and empowerment. Naturally, snakes shed their skin to grow. Clarity and growth come through releasing and shedding the past. When Snake shows up in your life, it’s time to discover truths within yourself and let go of anything that’s been holding you back.


Snake Medicine will help you discover what you’re ready to shed in order to transform into a more healed, whole version of you. Additionally, Snake Medicine helps you develop your psychic abilities. It assists with awareness, alerting you of trouble or impending danger that you might not be aware of. When working with Snake Medicine, be ready for changes to come. They might not happen the way you think you want them to, but always in the way you need, leading you to a greater and more enlightened version of you.


Place one of these carvings on your desk or altar to welcome in grounding, protection, and feelings of empowerment. Meditate with one of these pieces, allowing it to bring you into greater awareness of your path and things you may be unsure of. However you choose to work with these pieces, may they serve you well. And so it is.


This listing is for one (1) Kambaba Jasper Snake Carving (about 2-2.5”). 

Rare Kambaba Jasper Snake Carvings For Ancient Wisdom And Medicine

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