Rose Quartz Yoni Stone for love, unconditional love, harmony in relationships, encouraging self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace.


You are buying a complete set of three yoni stones. Your set comes with small, medium, and large stones.


The Yoni in Sanskrit means Source or a Place of origin. The Yoni is the universe's creative power, and it is the symbol of the sacred feminine. Yoni stone is used for health, sexual pleasure, and healing. They are essential for creating love, and emotional balancing. 



The base of the root chakra governs our physical energy, specifically our safety with ourselves and others. It is associated with our fight, flight, or freeze responses. If someone grew up struggling to have their basic needs met, it could require a lot of attention to maintain our energy and prana flow.


The sacral chakra is about discovery and sexual energy, but there needs to be a feeling of safety to drive that sexual power. The sacral chakra is tied to our root chakra. These two chakras work together in harmony and are part of the work you will do with your yoni stone.


Rose Quartz is a creative stone and attracts love energy. It is a great stone to use after you have gone through a cleaning and removed any energy that does not belong to you. Once that energy is removed, the Rose Quartz will be a powerful harmonizer and attract supportive love and self love into your environment.



The stone itself contains holes. The holes are used to attach a string. The stone can be slightly inserted inside the woman's vagina or resting against it. When attaching something to the stone, ensure the material is clean and does not irritate the skin. The string is used to retrieve the stone if it becomes difficult to remove. Clean and sanitize your stones after every use.



Over time stones and crystals need to be cleaned to release the energies that are trapped inside. Basically they like batteries that need to be refreshed from time to time. If you use your stone daily, clean it at a minimum once a week. If you use it sparingly, you can spiritually cleanse it once a month through white sage smoke, sound, or other means. 

Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs for Love, Unconditional Love, and Harmony (set of 3)

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