Tumbled Lemurian Blue Calcite - Spiritual Ascension, Balance, Optimism, Wisdom


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Tumbled Lemurian Blue Calcite

If you’re feeling drawn to Lemurian Blue Calcite, it’s likely your soul is crying out for spiritual ascension and a divine connection. This crystal belongs to those who seek balance, optimism, and ancient wisdom.


It is believed this sacred stone is one of the key gemstones for spiritual ascension-- used by Lemurian priestesses to gain access to magical outer realms. While the ancient civilization of Lemuria is lost to the depths of the sea, you can access the same power using Lemurian Blue Calcite. Working with this gem can unlock past-life memories from Lemuria, facilitate interdimensional communication, block negative vibrations, and bring vital water element energies.


Experience the deeper magic of this Tumbled Lemurian Blue Calcite

If you’re experiencing emotional distress, Lemurian Blue Calcite is said to bring happiness and peace while stimulating your creative energies.


Here’s how it works:

  • The influence of the water element opens and activates the Throat Chakra to promote clear, optimistic, and peaceful communication.
  • This stone also resonates with the Heart Chakra to bring deep, emotional healing. Use it to deflect negative energies and attain emotional balance and self-control.


Family troubles? Lemurian Blue Calcite harmonizes family energies, bringing love and compassion to familial relationships.


Bring this Tumbled Lemurian Blue Calcite with you to divination rituals for a powerful connection with the divine. Place it on your altar and feel its protective and transformative vibrations radiating throughout your sacred space.


What transformations does Lemurian Blue Calcite have in store for you? Purchase yours today and know that a positive breakthrough is just around the corner for you.

Tumbled Lemurian Blue Calcite - Spiritual Ascension, Balance, Optimism, Wisdom

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