Tumbled Mini Sugilite for Healing Protections, Grounding, Rituals, Supports Your Place on This Planet.


You are buying (2 oz | 0.125 lbs.) of Tumbled Mini Sugilite Stones (about 0.25”).


If you are having a tough time feeling right in this world or an empath, then sugilite is for you. I carry a piece of this in my Magick bag everywhere I go and I feel more grounded and aligned with my role on this planet. Add Sugilite to your practice or just carry it around with you and you will never want to leave it behind. It is that powerful of a stone.


If powerful healing is what you seek, then this potent Tumbled Sugilite is your medicine! Rare and special, sugilite is found in very few small pockets around the world and is prized for its many healing properties.


Sugilite eases inflammation in the body, protects the healer during healing work and ritual, grounds, and never needs to be charged. Additionally, it helps with focus. Sugilite is no ordinary healer; this stone’s metaphysical benefits are of epic measure.


The Deeper Magick of Sugilite

Sugilite is one of the most important crystals to work with for anti-inflammation medicine. It’s a master healer of pain, is detoxifying, and brings cellular renewal. Sugilite raises your vibration to counteract illness and also assists in physical recovery. It’s a cleansing crystal that supports the immune system, soothes frayed nerves, and prevents disease. Sugilite is also a stone of purpose and transmutation that powerfully opens your Crown Chakra, drawing you into the mystery, wisdom, peace, and love of the higher realms.


Meditate with this Tumbled Sugilite to access your built-in healing system and to soothe your mind, body, and spirit.

Tumbled Mini Sugilite for Healing Protections, Grounding, and Rituals


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