Putting the Sin in Synastry: The Breakdown of Astrological Compatibility

Synastry charts in astrology are how two people in love and a relationship mesh together star chart-wise. Synastry is vital to understand the dynamics of a relationship between a couple to reduce conflicts and power up the positives. The way to do a synastry chart is to know the birthdate, time of birth, and each partner’s birthplace in the couple. Then a star chart is made for each member of the couple, and then they are laid on top of each other to see where the planets aligned, and the various opposition’s, conjuncts, tribes, textiles, and squares show different aspects of the relationship. There are many other astrological methods to see compatibility, and the synastry process is just the most common.

It is imperative to understand synastry because it does guide a lot of what a couple will understand each other and what they would need to work more on in the partnership. Using only sun signs will help each person understand surface level compatibility. The synastry charts show the deeper aspects that could cause incompatibility, especially many oppositions or challenging elements to manage. Opposition or difficult aspects help the couple be healthy in showing they are willing to put the effort in to make the relationship work. The couple will feel more accomplished with the success they have in the relationship since they did work hard for success.

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Conjunctions are the positive aspects and are aspects that are favorable for relationships since they are potent interactions. The conjunction is the most promising aspect in synastry and can either produce harmony or recognition. Many conjunctions in a chart could also lead to boredom, so it’s good to have a little bit of variety and passion for oppositions and squares. Trines and textiles is an aspect that can be positive as well, and they could be useful energy flow between the two aspects even if they have differences. They are not always attraction aspects but ones that acknowledge an understanding and flow between the two parts.

Oppositions are the exact opposite of conjunction since they are planets with many problems and are usually opposed to each other’s energy or polarized. Opposites are never a bad thing as it helps the other person learn and grow from someone different than them in every way but opposite wise. Opposition can feel complementing each other as the other person may encompass strength that the other has weakness in their own chart. Squares are another negative aspect and are usually opposite signs and energies that both partners need to work on themselves and the relationship.

All Relationships Require Work

All aspects of astrology can be mended. It just takes work and effort on both parties to not fall into bad habits that may ruin the relationship. Opposites can be a good thing because we learn the most from people with opposite ideas about the world. Opposites attract because they help each work on seeing the other side of themselves and embracing all aspects of life. Being stuck in just a way of thinking can be detrimental to each person, and couples together will have the same issue if they do not embrace their differences in the same way they embrace the similarities. Synastry charts are extensive with house placements and natal chart placements. They are an ongoing study that takes years to understand fully, so take it with a grain of salt until you fully understand the method.

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Planet Influence

Venus is the ruler of love, and this is the same way for star charts and synastry. Venus will decide how the lovers show affection, and this placement depends on if the lovers speak the same language when it comes to love. Opposite Venus placements may have difficulty expressing themselves to one another or understanding how the other shows love. A contrasting or similar Venus are both excellent placements to have compatibility in couples but could also create issues if left to their own devices. If they do not have a good Venus connection, they will have struggles right off the bat to continue for the long-term love and relationship.

Mars can be another essential aspect to look at for a couple because Mars will rule the passion and potential aggression partners can display to each other. Mars is the warrior planet, and oppositions on this planet can create desire at first for a couple, but it could turn into anger and aggression in the long-term relationship if not addressed.

Saturn is the sign of karma and will punish those who do not work on this aspect. Relationships can suffer if they ignore the Saturn influence in their synastry since it is the strict and structured force in all of life. Saturn is the glue that binds people together and is not an ignorable planet in love.

There are many other planets and influences in synastry charts, but starting with just a few small aspects and placements can help them understand themselves and their partner on a deeper level. Understanding astrology is an intense process, and starting small is the best way to understand the dynamics and multiple aspects of this fierce magickal science.

All synastry placements are just a small way to understand what is in store for the relationship, and no relationship will have all complementing aspects. It is good to be aware of the elements in a synastry chart because It prepares you for the partnership’s conflicts and issues. All relationships take work as even conjunctions take work as things that become too easy, and people like a struggle, and sometimes conjunction can be a false bliss. A couple doesn’t feel like they need to work on that side of themselves because they naturally have it right is not always the case. The best aspect of loving a person is understanding where they come from and what motivates them in love. Many people grow throughout their lives, so a synastry in younger years could old into something profound with maturity. All these aspects are just a blueprint for the relationship, and the couple is in charge of building the structure.