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Sensual Embodiment for Life Pleasure

Sensual embodiment is the act of being accepting of your sexual nature but also of how powerful a desirable experience can be for a witch. Sensual energy increases our power and our magick in tandem with discovering the self and magick. It is not just about the sex but about feeling and embracing all parts of the self. Many people disconnect with their sensual energy, and it is vital to embrace this as a witch, or else you risk having blocks in your magick.

A lot of humans have blocks in their lives with their sensual energy. A witch needs to be able to release that part of themselves. And if not, it will block their power and not allow them to be their whole witchy selves. Blocking the root chakra can easily by being out of touch with your sensual energy. That is correct, so you’ll need to include it. Sexual embodiment in embracing the act of sex and the pleasure and awakening it can bring within ourselves and the connection with a partner.

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The number one best way to get in touch with your sensuality is the act of touching yourself or pleasing yourself. Masturbation has been considered taboo throughout many cultures and generations, but it is natural and embraced by all empowered adult beings. Masturbation is essential because it lets us get in touch with what makes us feel good and turned the song to convey it to another person. Read is that part of us fades then or is not acknowledged, and we do not have true pleasure and confined a blockage when in relationships or dealing with our sensuality with another person.

Another step to get in touch with our sensuality is to do things that we love and enjoy and stay active. Being active helps increase blood flow and also keeps us in tune with our bodies. You will look at your body more in love with it if you could see all the amazing things it can do. Climb a mountain or build something in your backyard, proving to yourself how strong and connected the vessel you encompass can be to the world of nature.

Humans in most societies face encouragement to keep our sensuality under wraps and not embrace that side of ourselves, and therefore instead deny it.

Sensual embodiment is all about self-love. Once you can show yourself the epic tone of love, you can sure that with another person, but the sensual embodiment focuses on the self. Touching yourself is one of the most central to do, but it doesn’t always have to be masturbation. It can be feeling your body and just putting your energy all over yourself. Confidence in self-worth is one of the critical aspects of self-love and an area many witches need to work on, and most women need to work on in our current society. Even men need to work on these issues, but very few talk about the actual issues.

Embracing the sensual body is essential for any witch of any gender to embrace as it acknowledges the self as a powerful but desirable being. When we feel desired by ourselves or another or the universe, we feel like we are worth preserving and will fight for what we believe in self-love. It is crucial always to be willing to look at these parts of yourself and see if you can justify loving those parts. Once you can essentially accept yourself, your ability to break curses, and Enjoy the self-created by whatever creator you believe in the period, the sensual embodiment is to love the self. Without our sensuality, we would be lost creatures and have very little value of the self. Sensual embodiment gives a witch sexual empowerment and

Embrace the sensual body by bracing movement. Activating the hot side can be done by holding yourself in a firm hug and telling yourself how much you value in love with your vessel. Dance, sports, or exercise can help embrace the sensual body by bringing us closer to our power, and how amazing the human body can be can support the self if seen as a powerful, worthy being.