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Setting Up an Effective Love Altar

A love altars purpose is to obtain new love relationships or fuel love between established relationships. A love altar fuels the relationship and love a witch has in their life for every emotional connection to strengthen the all-around love and bring new love into life. It is best to use a love altar for those who have love issues to boost this area in their lives. Many people feel like they have problems with love, and these would be the ones that would set up an altar with a positive love focus. It is okay for the average person to set up a love altar as well. Still, if you already have strong relationships in your life, you’re not going to notice much of a difference with the love altar, and it would be best to focus an altar on something else that’s missing in the lives. If you’re happy with the love of your life, you could put rose quartz at your altar to keep feeling that love without having to set up a full altar.

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Most witches set up love altars predominately with rose quartz though many other items focused on love should be added. Rose quartz is the most popular crystal for love, but it is not the only one, and the altar should have a wide variety of different crystals. Other crystals for love altars are Pink Girasol, Serpentine, or Rhodonite. Most crystals will benefit the love altar since they all have remarkable properties that help love and relationships. Labradorite might not be a go-to for a love altar, but it is a crystal that rues the heart’s desire so that it could be put onto the love altar and assist the love abundance.

The best candles to use for a love altar would be pink and white candles with love symbols carved into them. It would also be useful to put candles of other colors on the altar depending on the relationship or love focus needs to have added, like passion, protection, or other benefits. If security in the attachment is necessary, then a black candle can be added. If passion is missing, a red candle will help. If friendship with a loved one’s needs improvement, then a yellow candle and so on. Putting different candles on a love altar is an excellent method to make sure that the love is also growing in other ways besides just emotions.

There should always be sage and rosemary to cleanse the altar added upon the altar. Purifying the altar should happen whenever the altar is being used, and if it’s not used, it should be worshiped weekly. Make sure to also cast a circle of protection when performing rituals. Putting a chant or spell over the altar is an excellent way to remind you to cast over the altar too frequently. An example love spell is “oh goddess of love. Please bring me the love in my life. Please give me the honor to be able to increase my relationship with my loved ones. Please Cast Away any doubt or danger that would threaten my love.”

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I have many experiences with love crystals attracting to me, but none are like rose quartz. I don’t know if it’s because I am ruled by Venus being a Taurus, but rose quartz is the stone I have the most of in my life and on my altar. Witches are drawn to specific crystals in our lives for a reason, and they come to us because of something we are missing aspect wise. I enjoy having a predominantly love focused altar because I need to have good love and relationships in my life.

Those who else would benefit from a love altar would be people who have had fragmented or toxic relationships in their lives. Having a love altar includes fueling healthy relationships and being able to bond with actual love aspects. Those who have had bad luck in love should set up a love altar or a focused love altar.

Goddesses to worship when practicing at a love altar are praying to Venus/ Aphrodite, Freya, or other goddesses of love residing in the many pantheons. For the committed love altars, Hera, the goddesses of love and wifehood. Other goddesses to worship for love altars would be Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love and devotion, and the patroness of all wives of Pavarti, the Hindu goddess of love and tantric passion. Finding a love goddess that connects to the witch is a personal choice and should be one that speaks to the core of the kind of relationships that is to be fueled and desired.

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When setting up a love alter, the focus should be on love and happiness. Adding images or things that represent a healthy relationship is good to keep the focus. Bring in many colors, red, yellow, and pink, to balance the love alter because they represent potent components in any successful, loving relationship. Red represents passion, yellow friendship, and pink are emotion centered. A tarot card representing love can be added or any symbol that speaks of a healthy loving relationship.

Just setting up a love altar is not going to make your love life healed. The love altars need to be powered through spellwork and intention setting consistently. Proactive steps in daily life ensure that the love life is not working against the altar by inviting toxicity into the love life. The altar energy charges correctly and with the right love levels. An unhealthy relationship will not flourish with a love altar, and it will instead bring healthy love into the life and remove the toxic even if the heart wants the negative. Spell work helps bring what we need in our lives and not always what we may wish to. A love altar will still get only positive love and will never encourage harmful or toxic types of love, just like a love spell. A love altar can only fuel existing love and never force anyone to love you no matter how had the magick is tried to shift that free will of another. Focus the love altar first on loving the self, and healthy relationships will come.