Dark Goddesses

Sex Enhancement Through Goddess Worship

Sensuality connects all witches and magickal beings with the goddess energy unlike any other form of movement or practice. Sexual magick can connect us with our bodies and also our spirit by awakening pleasure and emotions. Sensuality is an essential tool for magickal practitioners to embrace sense and trust the bodies’ natural power. If they’re not embracing their sexual self, they will never fully activate their magick. Sensually connecting with Goddesses is best activated through sexual movement and dance or self-pleasure.

Goddess energy is activated through these sexual mediums because the sensual energy connects to our deepest and most genuine parts of humanity. Humans are all created through the genitals, which is the vessel to all human power. Sensuality is when we are most vulnerable and the most open, activating more substantial energy. Those who are not open sensually have a blockage that will not allow magick expression at the highest level. Sensuality and embracing our nature’s sexual side help teach us how to activate different parts of ourselves.

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Women aren’t the only ones who can connect through the Goddess to sensuality, and men can work with this energy. It is a different connection for each man depending on whether they are straight or LGBTQ but embracing female deities is suitable for all sexes. The goddess energy is missing in much society, so humans who embrace her create the balance missing in the world. Goddess energy represents the mother, amazon, the love goddess, the wild woman, and so many other archetypes. All are lacking in modern society. Any goddess worship by any sexual being is going to help create that balance that is missing. Embracing the goddess energy also gives men better connections with their wives or girlfriends, friends, mothers, sisters, or whatever females are in their lives, defeating animosity. Embracing the goddess is beneficial for young boys and gain respect for women lacks in modern society.

Many different goddesses exist within many pantheons to study and worship as much as possible helps a sexual beinglearn the most about woman energy and why goddess enhance every aspect of sensuality. Diverging from the most primary goddesses helps bring power and magick from Goddesses eager to share the assistance. Learning about other pantheons and different goddesses is an excellent activator to learn about different sexual and magickal ways. Most witches have their goddesses and gods that they relate to, but it is good to broaden the horizon. Opening up to new deities can be very beneficial because you might discover a goddess in a different pantheon that relates strongly to your magick. It is good to always expand into other deities because it keeps the energy fresh, and there are so many to celebrate. Many deities represent lust, sensual energy, or sex, and each one is beneficial because they provide power from their culture and history.

Morrigan is one of the neglected but amazing goddesses to explore since she presents the real duality in Goddess energy and what makes women so interesting. The Morrigan is a Celtic goddess but encompasses similar energy to other Goddesses like Lilith and Kali. The part that has the Morrigan stand out is the fierce but also sensitive nature of the being. She is a perfect Goddess for worship since she is both powerful but caring and the true epitome of womanhood. The Morrigan is a dark Goddess, but she keeps her dark life as a shield bringing pain and plague to weed out the weak from humanity. The Morrigan forces us to comfort our darkest fears, so if someone is scared to embrace their sexual side, channel this Goddess to break you out of your shell. The Morrigan will destroy any boundaries and bring out the sensual Goddess energy with force.

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Another powerful Goddess to embrace is Freya, the Goddess of love and sex in Norse mythology. She rules both being a sensual entity and a pure woman. Freya is also a wife and shows that even the women who choose to be in a relationship can still be sexually open and magickal beings. Goddesses of love and sex do not have to be wild machines of open sexuality. Sometimes, sensual energy is best expressed subtly or for only a lover or partner’s select audience. Women can still be sexual and sensual behind closed doors, and Freya represents a softer side of sensuality.

Goddesses bring out the most sensuality because they are the epitome of women kind and embracing the most potent parts of female energy. Whether man or woman, a witch can appreciate the sensual power encompassed in the Godddeses powerful energy. Studying whatever Goodess calls to the witch is the best method to find the goddess that connects the most with the sexual life. Feel the Goddesses’ sensual energy flow through you and awaken any sexual desires to create magick. Sex magick creates pleasure and orgasmic experience, so feel free to channel the Goddess when practicing sex magick to feel like the most powerful sexual being.