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Sex Magic: Pleasure and Manifestation all in One

Sex magic is a mind-blowing tool to get in touch with your partner, yourself, and your craft! It marries the two exciting aspects of many witches lives, sex, and magic. Who does not want to orgasm and have their wildest dreams come true at the same time?

Sex magic can be one of the most powerful tools in a witch’s arsenal that is used to set intentions, charge magical items, and manifest spell work. Sex magic is acted out with a partner during sex or without one through masturbation. Sexual magic is practical for manifestation and an effective method for sigil and tool charging as well. It mixes magical passion with performance in the bedroom, where all the alchemy happens.

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To set the stage for the magical sex, the practitioner needs to make sure to cleanse and organize the sacred space in the same manner as when doing other spellwork. The witch could light candles, open a circle, burn sage, and so on to get the area ready and cleansed for spell work to begin. Making sure there is a comfortable area to perform the intimate act is very important for the body and mind. If the witch wishes to charge sigils or magical tools, these items need to be nearby as well, since nothing ruins the mood like having to get up in the middle of ecstasy to grab an item forgotten.

The most critical condition to get sex magic to work is the orgasm, albeit that is the goal in most sex acts, sex magic requires the orgasm to work. Just the act of sex does not mean that sex magic is happening or that a magical item is charging. Despite incantations conjured during sex, the orgasm has to arise for whoever is chanting the incantations for the full power to unleash in the sex magic ritual. This requirement is a communication step with a partner since if they are not making a person have an orgasm, this problem is another issue that should come up in conversation for reasons beyond the sex magic ritual.

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Masturbation can be situational

the most powerful way to perform sex magic for the fact orgasm is always likely to occur. Solitary witches can rejoice in the act of masturbation as this form of sex magic is highly effective and can be a life-altering experience used to explore the body and craft at the same time. The act is dynamic for the lone witch through masturbation since most who practice self-pleasure know well how to make themselves orgasm. A bonus for the masturbator is practicing without the restrictions of having to teamwork or game plan with another person so they are able to do the incantation without interruption or communication with another caster, throwing off their game if things go wrong in that department.

Witch couples are as lucky as can be to have a powerful connection to their partners with who they can tune in, work together to understand the craft and work cohesively to create the manifestations together. Sex magic with a partner that is already a practitioner and is willing to do a shared spell is the most dynamic form of sex magic! Anyone who has a partner like this should be thanking the gods and goddesses threefold!

When two powerful beings are setting their intention and magic towards the same mission, that goal is going to be put into action on a much larger scale through the shared orgasm. This method of sex magic involves a lot of communication during the whole process making sure that the intentions are the same for both partners and the spell that’s intended is the same. One partner cannot be wanting a money spell while the other is trying to manifest peace in the relationship. Mantras must be well established since both parties need to speak it in their heads or out loud during the orgasm itself, or else it is just regular sex, not sex magic.

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Practicing sex magic with a partner who may not be setting the intention or be interested in the craft can be done as well, with or without their knowledge to perform magic but always make sure the consent is there for the sexual act in general. The partner does not have to be a willing participant since the magical symbols or incantations can be looked at beforehand and then glanced at during orgasm to make the spell work for the caster of the pairing.

The misconception of sex magic is that it works in the myths of a love spell, where a devious witch can convince a poor soul to do their evil bidding after a romp under the sheets. If a person is willing to sleep with another being and has hopefully laid out the groundwork for what they want in the relationship, sex magic cannot create any false bonds. That is why consent to do magic is not required to perform the ritual of the sex magic spell that the caster has laid foundations for since the sex act has already been consented to be performed, the magic is just a bonus.

Sigil magic is an effective method to pair with sex magic and can be the way to create a successful mantra for the act of sex to invoke the intention. A couple that wishes to perform a prosperity spell could create a mantra that states, “we will be receiving a large sum of money,” which then both partners would plan to say at the time while they both orgasm. Keeping the mantra in the positive is vital for sex magic because it shows confidence and assurance that the spell will manifest. This method is the same practice for the solitary practitioner though they do have to coordinate with their shared orgasm, as they are not trying to sync with a partner and can state it themselves when they orgasm.

Sex magic is a valuable tool for manifestation that all who are interested in should try once or integrate into their sexual practice permanently. When worked with frequently sex magic will be fully integrated into all pleasure experiences and the powerful being or beings will start to see all the wishes and good intentions they have ever hoped for come true.