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Shunning the Male Witch in Witchcraft

As female witches, we have shunned the male witch from the title of a witch on accident through female empowerment or on purpose to get back for the years of our ostracization from significant religions and leadership roles in society. This hate or resentment between the sexes needs to embrace no gender but all united front under the title witch. The acceptance path of all those who wish to practice the magickal path needs to embrace. The united front will keep the forward momentum of much of the craft’s progress over the last few decades and usher in the area of witches being taken just as seriously as those who practice other spiritual or religious beliefs. The witch movement has already begun, and the witch title is worn proudly by the largest demographic in history. However, there is still progress to be made, and this needs to start with the mending of the Male Witch’s rejection. I know women have fought generations to stand on their own. Still, the sensitivity and goddess connect nature of the craft brings an understanding and softness to the male psyche. This is a quality that is helps spread more goddess energy and female empowerment while not rejecting what the whole male species represents or hopes to ever achieve.

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Life is not about tit for tat, and we cannot keep men out of the goddess religion like the horned God himself has taken a back seat. We need to rise and heal the sexes’ rift through witchcraft and reinstated the Horned God and the Male witches for the beautiful and divine beings they are in the magickal world. Men that are witches have been a large part of history, from magickal men like Alistar Crowley and Anton Levay wearing their magick on their sleeve for the world to see. To the modern men who may be considered “new age thinkers” but are indeed just witches in disguise, like Alan watts, Tony Robbins, and William Dyer are witches taking the gender out of witches. The male witch can be in touch with their feminine side and acknowledge the goddess’s power, but they can also be solid and rigid men who hold the strength of nature like the Horned God, who they are molded after in body and spirit.

When anyone says the word witch, all people are guilty of thinking of a woman immediately. Whether it is an older woman in a cabin somewhere in the woods or a young practitioner is opening up their first magick book, they all are women. The word was a male term and did not gain prominence for females until using it as a slur for an evil woman. Also, the word derived from the word Wicca, which means wise one or a twisted path or symbol in nature. Male witches have long since been the ones who had saved witchcraft from being utterly extinct on the larger scale when it came to mass rituals and the powerful magickal arts.

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The many years that women faced treatment as second-class citizens never allowed them to explore their magical arts, and for a woman, her magick has had to be secret for centuries. More women than men faced unjust execution in the Salem Witch Trials. It was easy for many cultures and people to believe that women were the evil entities and men were the saviors, and this blight on history was not different. Even in the 1950s, Aleister Crowley practiced entertainment, and almost joker practice played on a craft women faced accusations and execution over for centuries. Even in the New Age movement, where men can share some of the tools witches have been using, many of these people are men like Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle. They shared secrets that witches have been preaching and were called revolutionaries in their past. Calling them witches is not to discredit any new age thinkers or anybody that’s helped witchcraft become more accepted these days. It’s just the reality that men were able to practice magic on a much larger scale. Yet here we are where you hear the term which, and you think of a woman. It can be used in a derogatory term or even as a term of endearment, but it still is base on womanhood.

The Wiccan religion is also the goddess face religion again system built on women when they are involved. There is nothing wrong with this classification, as women have been left out of faith and spirit for far too long, so witchcraft is their way to reclaim this power. The triple goddess phase still applies to a male witches life or those around his life, and thus the maiden, mother, and crone are still crucial to male witches. It becomes a worry meant when there had been so many male witches, yet many do not see a man as a witch. Words like Wizard and warlock were there to classify the difference between a man and woman who practices magic, and only a select few ignite age that a which can be any sex or binary of person. The cause of the rift was men being able to express their powers and give magick advice for decades that directly taught witchcraft practices and traditions. What is so scary about the method to be able to have it only rooted in the feminine.

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Embracing the fact that there are many male witches is vital for all magickal practitioners as it helps create allies between the sexes. It is an issue when men feel helpless against magic that they will turn against it and reject the embracement of magical energy. Science seems to be much more of the factor most men divulge into, but really, magick is just science that has not had study thoroughly conducted. Centuries of people thought standard scientific practices were considered Witchcraft, and magick and science are intrinsically linked.

Male witches do not practice or have powers differently from female witches, and they can participate in all forms of ritual that a female can join in. Many men do not embrace the goddess energy, though, and feel weird praying to a goddess, but all men should be more in touch with their feminine side. The horned God accepts the neglect of witchcraft, which is another part that makes this religion seem primarily female. Though the Horned God is one of Witchcraft’s most potent deities, his humble nature should felt and applied by all-male witches and could benefit all males on a larger scale. The horned God quietly takes care of his flock like a shepherd and has no problem staying in the background while his family explores their true nature.

Some hereditary witches are mail their older witches that are males, and every aspect of Witchcraft has a male that feels connected to just like a female would to the goddess power source. There’s a stigma around being a witch, but even more so for a man, so it should be encouraged to talk more about the subject in covens and witchcraft circles. Sadly many powerful witches have been men but look more like Satanists or cult leaders than actual modern witches. We need to normalize the word witch and apply it to any binary of any sex of the person. We’re all witches, young and old, and let’s start expressing and accepting everybody in our community. A witch should not be judged by other witches no matter how they look, even if it’s not to a traditional witch look or, better off, work on dispelling any standard for witchcraft in general.