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Spellbound by Witches Tarot Cards

If you enjoy looking beyond the surface, delving into symbolism, and practicing spell-enhancing spreads, Witches Tarot was created just for you. Written by a witch who has been practicing her craft for more than three decades, the witchy wisdom and magickal meaning are evident in every card! Learn about Witches Tarot, the author who wrote them, and find out where you can buy the deck that’s great for beginners and experienced witches alike!

The History of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards and the way we interact with them have changed throughout history. Although many make a connection between tarot cards and mysticism or fortune-telling now, that’s not how these cards got their start. In the late 14th or early 15th century, Italian aristocracy used these cards for tarocci, a game with similarities to the modern game of bridge. The hand-painted cards gained popularity, spreading across Europe. In France, tarocci became tarot– the name we still use today.

Tarot cards became a tool for divination in the 18th century when the first definitive guide to tarot card reading was published by Jean-Baptiste Alliette under the pseudonym Etteilla. Etteilla released a deck specially designed for esoteric purposes (including divination) alongside his guide and became the world’s first professional cartomancer, making his living through tarot card readings.

If you’ve ever wondered how to read tarot cards, let’s start with the basics. Today’s tarot decks are usually comprised of 78 cards divided into two groups. You’ll find 22 major arcana (or trumps), which depict symbolic elements, and 56 minor arcana, which are divided into four suits. Each suit in the minor arcana contains 14 cards, broken into swords, pentacles, wands, and cups. When you read tarot, the major arcana can help you understand major life events or lessons, while the minor arcana provide guidance on everyday situations.

In 1909, the Rider Company published a tarot deck illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith based on the teachings of academic and mystic A. E. Waite. Comprised of simple images with detailed backgrounds, each card is full of symbolism. Unlike earlier cards, the Rider-Waite-Smith deck solidified the astrological associations we make today and made changes to the Christian imagery depicted in earlier decks– removing some while adding others.

Meet Witches Tarot author, Ellen Dugan

Ellen Dugan, AKA the Garden Witch, is a highly-respected psychic clairvoyant and the award-winning author of 39 books– both non-fiction and paranormal fiction. As a practicing witch for more than 35 years, she based her Witches Tarot on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. For the Witches Tarot deck, this means Hierophant becomes the High Priest, Wheel of Fortune becomes Wheel of the Year, and Judgement becomes Karma.

In an interview with Herald-Mail Media, Dugan said that she “feels very connected to the earth and unseen energies and empowered to shift my life conditions in positive ways according to my thoughts, feelings, and actions.” Those connections come through in the symbolism in this deck.

The intention and symbolism you’ll find in Witches Tarot

Witches Tarot was illustrated by Mark Evans, a talented traditional and digital artist who has worked with Walt Disney and Marvel Comics. His artwork isn’t just beautiful– each illustration holds symbolic meanings that enhance your tarot card reading.

You won’t have to guess at the meaning behind the artwork– Ellen Dugan wrote a 312-page companion guidebook to help readers delve deep into the symbolism and mystical meaning of each tarot card. Going far beyond the meaning of each card, you’ll learn what the card’s art represents, too. From clothing color and landscape to jewels, flowers, and elemental creatures– every scene goes far beyond the surface.

How to use Witches Tarot

Designed to be used by beginner witches and experienced witches alike, this is a deck that can grow with you.

Ellen Dugan’s guidebook helps you understand how to read tarot cards. She shares practical keywords along with every card definition to help you understand the basic meaning behind each card. The guidebook also goes deeper into deities, astrology, and elements for witches who want a more in-depth read.

It doesn’t stop there! Check out the chapter entitled “Magick with the Witches Tarot Deck” for a full chapter on spell work. Inside, you’ll find 11 tarot spells to help you make the most of the Witches Tarot deck.

Her spell-enhancing spreads, such as the Triple Goddess Spread, the Four Elements Spread, and the Wheel of the Year Spread can be used in tarot card readings and magickal practice.

TLDR – What is the Witches Tarot and where can you buy it?

The Witches Tarot deck is so much more than a traditional tarot card deck. Created by a respected witch and author well-versed in symbolism, every card holds a wealth of meaning. Easy-to-use, this deck is a perfect starter deck for a new witch, while containing tarot spells and spell-enhancing spreads for those more experienced in tarot readings.

Purchase your Witches Tarot deck at Pure Journi, a trusted source for tarot card decks and oracle cards. The 78-card deck comes with a keepsake box and 312-page guidebook, filled with timeless wisdom and magickal insights.