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Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings – The Magick Beyond the Pills

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings sneak up on you. They are like the wind and show up when you least expect them and then disappear as they were never there.

How do I know this? Because long ago, I use to battle with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. When you are in it, it is hard to see anything else around you, hard to hear anything else around you, and your progression in your life stops and goes to a standstill. Sometimes you end up going backward in life, which makes things even worse.

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I realized that all these things had one thing in common; they all impacted my life in a very negative way. The only thing I did know is there was an energy around me that did not belong to me. And the more I fought these feelings of anxiety, depression, etc., the more of that bad energy I attracted to myself.

It was a self-defeating approach that took a lot of energy out of me. For those who don’t know what this feels like, it is debilitating. The less you do, the better. Eating and sleeping can be challenging, and you eat nothing and don’t sleep at all, or you eat and sleep all the time. You try your best to find those things to comfort you, even if those things are not suitable for you. And you have no energy at all because your body is attacking itself.

At times you can feel like you can’t breathe, have chest pains, and you may even feel like you have a heart attack. All of this makes it hard to live every day and a productive life.

If You Battled the Same, Then The Rest of This Article is For You

This article is for those who have battled these types of conditions in their lives. Unless you are a powerful ass wizard, witch, sorceress, or sorcerer that can do some real Gandalf movie type of magick and completely heal yourself, then the magickal side is only one piece of you that needs healing.

If you are a powerful ass Gandalf wizard, witch, sorceress, or sorcerer, hit me up. I have never met one and would love to conjure up some world peace, a $500 Benjamin in every purse and pocket, and other magickal stuff like that. ????

Now I am not knocking Yoga, meditation, spells, and other great things that are perfect for your mind and soul, but sometimes those are not enough. I tried all those, and they helped, but I fell back into that anxiety/depression mode again and again. The only good thing about all of this is that I did not feel like this for weeks or months; it would be for days or, the best, a few hours. So, the Yoga, Taoism, meditation, and the Magickal side of me was helping, just not 100%.

After five years of fighting myself, I finally mentioned my condition to my doctor, and she recommends I take a very light pill to help me through my day. Not having the strength anymore to fight, I accepted her guidance, and off I went taking a very light anxiety pill once a night. Now that did help a lot, but it was not 100% effective.

Now I am doing my Yoga, Magick, Taoism, and meditation and taking a pill, but still falling into that hole a few times a month. But now, I was only in that state for half a day or so and then back to feeling good. I was progressing and improving.

So, I told myself I was getting better but needed something else. I did not want to increase medication or take more pills. That was not the solution. I loved the teachings of Lao Tzu on the Tao. Still, it was hard to find those spaces of silence and tranquility when running a multi-billion-dollar pipeline of products, and you are getting pulled every which way from corporate directors, VPs, etc. It was easy to read the words, “Be like water and flow through life.” But a book and real life are two different things.

The Simple Change That Made All the Difference

I started to look back on my life. I went back to my childhood and started to remember those things that made me happy and content. I remember I liked walking along rivers, lakes, and trails. When I walked, I would collect rocks and make walking sticks from deadwood from on the ground.

I used to try and take them home, but my Mom would not let me. She did not understand my interest. After reflecting on my childhood, I started to research crystals, gemstones, and minerals. My love for these things quickly resurfaced. I started to buy books to learn about the different crystals and how they could heal and help day-to-day life. Although the books were great, I still felt like I lacked in my knowledge and confidence in using them.

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I felt that I needed to learn as much as possible and become certified in my knowledge in the same stroke. I found a perfect teacher and one of the best in the industry for crystal healing. Her name was Ashley Leavy, and she runs the Love and Light School. I started to dig into the path of a crystal healer, where I found the balance between the pill and the Magick.

Crystals are powerful little things. I would ask you to look at the back of most wristwatches for those who don’t believe that. There written is “Quartz Movement.” Crystals can absorb energy, store energy, release energy, and keep perfect time. It is proven through science.

A crystal structure is perfect in every way and perfect harmony with mother earth and the universe. Crystals can remove energy, store it, and send them away from you. That is why they heal.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different crystals and gemstones. Some exotic ones cost thousands of dollars, and others cost just a few dollars. The ones I am going to talk about are common and easy to find.

A Bag of Stones

To find the results I was looking for, I started to research and learned quite a bit about crystals that supported people with high anxiety, depression, and stress. The thing to remember with crystals and gemstones are they do not have an immediate effect on your well-being. They take time to start working, but the results are felt for the long term once they do. I will share the crystals I use, but I want first to explain how to prepare your crystals for use.

When you acquire a crystal, you need to clean it and then tell it how you want it to aid you. There are probably 20 to 30 ways to cleanse crystals, but my go-to method is the breath method. All you need to do is take your fingers tips, close your eyes, and start to tap your chest right under your throat for 20 seconds.

The action of tapping calms your body and focuses your intention. Now take all or some of the crystals in your hands. With the palms of your hands facing up to the universe, blow on your crystals. As you blow, picture any energy that does not belong to you being blown away and given back to the universe. Now blow on your crystals a second time and visualize them charged with white light. A white light so bright that it engulfs your crystals.

With your eyes still close, state your intent to your crystals and ask them to help you remove your anxiety, depression, stress, or any other condition you want them to help. Keep in mind, the stones I will share are only for the conditions explained in this article.

Now that your crystals are cleansed and charged, they are ready to be used. I recommend placing them into a natural material bag like hemp, silk, or other

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raw material. Never use plastic or synthetics. It will block the energy and do nothing for you.

Another way to store them is inside a bra, purse, pocket, or any other place where you can keep your crystals close to you for the day. You can even place them under your pill at night. Never leave home without them! Keep them with you at all times. After a while, forgetting your bag of stones will be like forgetting your cellphone. You will feel lost without them. But in a good and positive way. The kind of way that puts a simile on your face.

The Magick Crystals

Below are the stones I use, and I never leave my house without them. I place them in a little red bag made of hemp, tied tight, and cleanse my stones either once a week or once a month. It depends on where I have been and the exposure to the kind of energy. If I have not been out of the house all week and maybe just ran to the grocery store, I probably will not clean my stones that week, but if I been to a gathering with lots of people, then I will give them a little cleanse with the “Breath Method.”

Sodalite – This is a fantastic crystal for anxiety. It is a go-to gemstone for anyone wanting to drain anxiety from their body and regain their center.

Lepidolite – This stone is a great mood stabilizer. It is so powerful that western medicine uses elements of this stone. This stone is also great for anxiety.

Labradorite – For all my empaths, this is the stone for you. It works by creating a barrier between you and others around you. Others around you will not influence your moods and feelings. It will also protect you against those that want to send you ill feelings.

Fire Agate – This is an excellent crystal to send any ill will, hexes, evil eye, curses, etc., back to the originator. All that energy will bounce off of you and return to the sender.

Tourmaline – This stone stops energy that does not belong to you dead in its tracks. Tourmaline will absorb all of that and store it, so it cannot harm you.

Now you are probably wondering how long it took for me to feel the stones’ benefits? It took some time for me to get acquainted with my stones, align with their energy, and take advantage of their healing properties. It took around three to four weeks. After that, things only got better and better. The longer your stones are with you, the more connected you become to them and the more they will aid you.

Results of Adding Crystals to My Healing Plan

My stress, anxiety, depression, and bad moods disappeared and never returned. I received a job promotion. I started to have the income to invest in other businesses. I could confidently begin to present again in front of a room full of not-so-nice executives. After a little over five years, I got my life back. I can’t tell you why I started to experience all this anxiety, depression, stress, etc. I am not much into psychologists, etc. I have seen them in action, and most of those I know who spent tons of money on them came out a little worse for wear. So that is not my cup of tea. What I do know, is that I am grateful to Ashley and my crystals for putting me on a positive path in my life.

Another benefit is I can now help others, which is my rightful path in life.

My hope is this article has helped you in some way and has removed the stigma of using western medicine with your Magickal practices. When you attained a balance in your life, it is life-changing. There is no shame in getting your life back so you can use your beautiful gifts to help others.

If you enjoyed this article, please like, share, and leave your comments. I would like to hear from you. Everyone has struggles and life challenges. What makes us human is listening to others, understanding, and choosing to help.

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Art Saborio

Art is a professional crystal healer, investor, and CEO. He is well versed in Celtic Goddesses and non-denomination Magick. He is constantly learning and growing in his ability to help others find their uniqueness in this world.