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Supercharging Goals with the Moon

Working on magick in correlation with different moon phases can help spells focused on completing specific goals or new projects. This form of goal setting is especially true if the moon sign’s astrological aspect is also taken into account. The plans can work with the specific zodiac sign’s strengths and the current moon phase. The moon cycle method makes the goals unique to the exact period, and the astrological sign is powered up through the moon.

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The new moon is beneficial in creating plans that release bad habits and starting new projects. These can be life-changing goals implemented through the moon cycle or just small tweaks to day to day life. The new moon clears out any negativity and allows each cycle to be a new beginning in life. The new moon is the start of the original 28-day process, and positive habits form throughout this time period. The goals set on the new moon do not always have to be releasing patterns and can be a project outside of self-work.

The waxing moon is the next period of the cycle and works to ask questions and accept responsibility for what actions are required to start the goal completion process. The waxing period is an excellent time to plan what you want to release from the new moon and what new habit you wish to create. The planning stage is supercharged during this period, but all planning assistance helps during the moon cycle.

The next phase is the full moon, and most people are aware of this part of the moon cycle. The full moon is an excellent time for the build-up, and the goal completion can occur in this stage. The full moon can be when the final pieces are put into place to make the project come to fruition. Full moons can make people feel frantic because if they did not release personal issues during the new moon, these particular issues would pile on existing matters during the full moon. The lack of self-work is why so many people who do not focus on moon phases feel the moon’s different effects negatively.

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The last stage of the moon’s cycle is the waning phase, and this is a time of reflection and acknowledgment of the struggles and successes during the full process. Reflecting on the goals’ status during the phase and how well the goal completion went is beneficial during the waning period. This action can also help make a game plan for the next 28-day cycle to be more successful. This step helps identify what went wrong in completing the goals, like were the new moon’s goals too lofty or did the planning steps not get achieved. Whatever went wrong in the first cycle can be addressed in the next cycle for better results.

The next dynamic to keep in mind during goal setting would be working on goals in correlation with the astrological sign the moon is under during each part of the cycle. The zodiac sign is a more specific aspect of the goal’s focus should be for the cycle instead of the goal completion process. Each sign of the zodiac has strengths and weaknesses, which can charge different goals based on which character is currently under that specific phase.

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Aries moon is a great time to set goals that need quick results and aggressive action to complete the objective. Patience is not a virtue under an Aries moon, and this is a great time to initiate rapid change. Goals that involve an immediate plan to complete for the short period of one cycle would be the best bet under an Aries moon. An example would be needing to bid on a house you want for a specific price or negotiate on a new car for a deal. The short term goals are more of Aries style and practical plans to focus on during this moon cycle.

A Taurus moon is an excellent time for financial goals and goals that require strong follow-through. A Taurus Moon is a good time to set a positive new habit, whether eating right or sleeping better. It is harder to initiate massive changes during a Taurus Moon since the zodiac time is resistant to significant changes. Taurus is not the moon to set lofty goals like quitting smoking or losing a large amount of weight. It’s a great time to start saving money, and Taurus moons are very diligent on financial goals. These goals need to be done with logic and cannot be fear-based since Taurus Moon does not react well to frantic energies.

A Gemini Moon is a good time for social goals and would benefit the planning of a big party or social gathering. Communication goals and reaching out to people can be a success during a Gemini Moon. Reconnecting with friends or being a better communicator are intentions that will come with great success during Gemini’s moon cycle. A good goal would be to visit family more or plan to take a big trip with friends during a Gemini moon. The Gemini moon will make communication easy, and the planning will be a positive experience with others during this cycle.

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During a Cancer moon, intentions involving family and the home are the most prosperous goals to set. These plans could include reconnecting with family that has been out of touch for an extended period or home renovation projects. Plans that include supporting a person or understanding a person are useful to develop during a Cancer Moon. Empathy and nurturing behaviors are the strongest during this time, so setting goals to volunteer more would be successful during a Cancer moon phase.

Leo moon fuels situations involving romance or taking a risk, so these are useful to set as aspirations during this phase. It is also an incredible time to explore creative pursuits and get on a project that has been sitting dormant for a while but might need a little push. The Moon is most confident in Leo’s sign, so it’s a great time to take the risk that may have felt insecure in the past. A Leo moon is a great time to ask out a crush, plan a grand marriage proposal, or try and get art hung in that fancy gallery.

When the moon is in Virgo’s sign setting health goals, goals that involve animals or gardening will manifest when the moon is in this stable sign. The Virgo moon is also an excellent time to clear the air if you’ve had a disagreement with someone or feel like there was an unresolved misunderstanding. Virgo is stable, and any goals set during this period will be analyzed on all levels and completed with long-term results in mind. Adopting a pet would be a great goal to develop during a Virgo moon as every detail will be accounted for, guaranteeing the new family member will be the perfect fit.

During the moon in Libra, goals with a partner and teamwork are going to be very successful. It is an excellent time to work with a partner since the Libra moon is ideal for managing stressful events. Planning to start a family or a wedding would be more comfortable during a Libra moon, especially if there are strong differing opinions in the goal’s logistics. A Libra moon is a soft moon that would help love and partnership stay stable, and the stress diminish in the goal-setting process.

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When the moon is in Scorpio, plans involving intuition flourish since this is an excellent time to go with the gut, the Scorpio Moon makes researching, solving, and making decisions more manageable, helping with the planning process. Confidence and commitment are at the highest during this moon cycle. The Scorpio moon is a great time to plan a honeymoon or a significant change in scenery, whether temporary or permanent.

The moon phase in Sagittarius fuels situations involving theory and philosophy and are great goals to tackle. A religious rebirth or trying to set new goals with spirituality are suitable to address during a Sagittarius moon. Committing to a ritual practice of the chosen spiritual path more often or do more spells work our effective plans to set during this time. The Sag moon would help with the spiritual or health retreat goals dismissed due to the plan’s loftiness. It will come to fruition during this moon phase.

During a Capricorn moon, goals involving self-discipline, organization, and a business are great to plan and implement. The Capricorn moon allows details to come to the surface and able to be worked out so nothing will go wrong in the long run. The business sense is the strongest during this Moon, and this would be a great time to make a business plan or set the goals to take the step to get that promotion that has been on the back burner.

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The quirky Aquarius Moon is a good time to work on a social media platform, either marketing oneself or a business. An Aquarius moon is excellent for how you want the world to see you, and goals get creative with this aspect. Under an Aquarius moon is a good goal time for thinking outside the box and creating plans that change how you operate on a deep level. An Aquarius moon would be a great time to redesign the business logo or marketing message of a business or deciding on a fun, creative name for a child or a pet.

During a Pisces moon, goals need to focus on emotional release with transition and empathy to the self. Intuition on what the self needs and imagination are the highest in this moon cycle since Pisces rules over that domain. The Pisces moon would be a great time to take the next step in therapy or self-help to possibly fix a personal issue that has created problems in all aspects of life. The Pisces moon is a great time to set goals that are selfish and make real changes in the practitioner’s life in the self-confidence realm.

The planning of goals can seem like a simple process, but utilizing both the moon cycle and the current moon’s astrological sign can make plans more likely to be achieved. This focused goal planning may require a bit more finesse, but with practice, the moon phases and signs will synch up to significant life events, and goal setting will become a successful venture for the skilled witch. A recommendation would be to have a journal wholly dedicated to both the moon cycle and the moon phases, so planning is done efficiently at every step in the process.